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Center for Environmental Education

The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education works to build a sustainable environment through education. The group is looking for feedback to the new 5 year master plan for environmental education in Kentucky.

Since 1976, the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) has provided Murray State University and the greater western Kentucky region with environmental education guidance, programming, and materials. Housed within the university’s College of Education, the CEE offers pre-service and in-service teachers numerous opportunities to learn methods of integrating the environment throughout their classroom curriculum.

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, the CEE facilitates weekend residential workshops, certification in national environmental education (EE) curricula, and subject- and grade-specific professional development opportunities – using the environment as a pivotal theme.

In addition to its academic courses, the CEE has an array of educational materials for loan (books, puppets, audio/video, magazines/journals and more) and outreach educators readily available to model environmental education methods and prepared activities for any classroom.

Through the Center for Environmental Education, Murray State was the first of Kentucky’s universities to offer an environmental education endorsement for graduate education degrees, an action that has since been implemented by other state schools. This endorsement, and similar efforts for strengthening the use of EE throughout Kentucky are further reinforced through the Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education, a statewide network of higher education EE providers.

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