Curriculum and Course Descriptions



ADM 630 Methods of Research
A study of procedures used to locate sources of information, organize and interpret collected data, and apply results of published research. Various research methods are studied and used.
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ADM 735 Institutional Research, Assessment & Accreditation
This course provides an overview of best practices of institutional research. Additionally, students have the opportunity to develop strategies to investigate relevant trends or problems within an institution. Field experience required.
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CNS 635 Human Development
A detailed study of the life-span development for the individual in terms of human growth and development, foundations and dynamics of human behavior, and personality, and learning theories and their application.

PSE 615 Introduction to Student Affairs
The historical and philosophical development of the Student Affairs profession will be explored and discussed.  Major topics include an in-depth study of the departments that typically constitute the division of Student Affairs. This includes history, function, trends, issues and significant personnel.  Course content will be presented through an independent study of selected readings.
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PSE 616 College Students in the United States
Characteristics of the contemporary American college student will be examined. Major topics will include an examination of student motivations for entering institutions of higher education, developmental theory related to college students, problems and challenges for making higher education accessible to a large percentage of the population, and the impact of contemporary economic and social trends on the college population.
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PSE 630 Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education
This course serves as the introduction to the principles and practices of globalization and internationalization within the field of higher education. In addition to preparation for the international education specialist, the course offers the aspiring higher education generalist an overview of global issues and context in extending international education opportunity and knowledge to both international and domestic students in the United States. The course addresses the major components of international programs administration and campus internationalization.

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PSE 700 History & Foundation of American Higher Education
This course provides a historical overview of the U.S. system of higher education, with an emphasis on the development of colleges and universities, and how these developments have shaped current policies and practices in higher education. Curricular, administrative, and policy issues will be explored.
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PSE 710 Higher Education & the Law
This course examines legal issues relevant to American colleges and universities. The fundamental knowledge of higher education law for administrators will be introduced. Discussed will be key legal principles that impact professional practice in higher education such as legal governance of higher education, academic freedom, affirmative action, and other issues pertinent to faculty, staff, and students.
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PSE 720 Internship 

This course provides students with practical application, complementing the theoretical concepts introduced in the PSE-Student Affairs graduate program. Students will complete a semester internship in a Student Affairs setting. The internship setting will be approved by the student and instructor and consist of 150 hours at the approved site. Supervision of the student's internship experience will be shared between the site supervisor and the instructor. The seminar will meet in-person on the Murray Campus one time per month. Seminar sessions will allow students to reflect on field experiences, discuss the assigned leadership text, develop an action plan for employment and listen to guest lecturers from the higher education profession.
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PSE 740 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education

The purpose of this course is to investigate contemporary issues impacting higher education. Current trends and innovations are critical themes for educational leaders to explore. Special topics in higher education explored in the course may include funding, policy, access, technology, learning initiatives, and special populations.
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PSE 755 Postsecondary Instructional Support Systems

This course examines the comprehensive nature of the instructional support system as a vital component in the evolving P-20 learner-centered environments of education. Theory and effective practice are used to guide the discussion and investigate the issues. Students investigate and seek potential solutions to authentic problems facing educational leaders such as diversity needs of students, instructional support, advising strategies, enrollment management, recruitment and retention, placement testing, career development, residential life, and student activities.
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PSE 760 Organization and Operations in Postsecondary Education

The focus of this course is the management and planning functions within higher education institutions.  Students will examine the competencies and training necessary to address key operational and leadership roles specific to the allocation and management of resources to meet the mission of the institution.  Resources other than financial will be included, and special emphasis will be given to maintenance of facilities, institution and community resources, personnel, and time.
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