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Developing Emerging Practitioners in Postsecondary Education

The Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education Administration (PSE) prepares emerging leaders to become transformational practitioners of higher education and student affairs within the context of the P-20 environment. The mission of the program is to develop influential leaders that understand the comprehensive nature of higher education and can apply alternative solutions to contemporary issues within the field. The PSE program targets those who desire a career in this exciting field as well as individuals with an established career in higher education looking for advancement.

Where can a degree in PSE lead you?
Students and alumni of the Murray State PSE program have held internships and employment in the following locations. Click on the state listings below for more details. You can help us add more navy states to this map! Contact us to get started.

Map of PSE Experiences


California Lutheran University
(Thousand Oaks, CA)
Student Life & Engagement


Florida Gulf Coast University
(Fort Myers, FL)
New Student Orientation


University of Chicago
(Chicago, IL)

Student Leadership

Western Illinois University
(Macomb, IL)
Housing & Residential Life


University of Evansville
(Evansville, IN)
Study Abroad

Butler University
(Indianapolis, IN)
Housing & Residential Life


Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
(Bowling Green, KY)
Study Abroad

Hopkinsville Community & Technical College
(Hopkinsville, KY)
Student Activities
Student Activities

Murray State University
(Murray, KY)
Housing & Residential Life, Judicial Affairs, Registrar's Office , Intramurals, Retention Services, Student Support Services, & the Women’s Center
Retention Services & Student Support Services

West Kentucky Community & Technical College
(Paducah, KY)
Academic Advising, Admissions, & Recruitment


Notre Dame of Maryland University
(Baltimore, MD)
Housing & Residential Life


University of Mississippi
(University, MS)
Greek Life


 University of Montana
(Billings, MT)
Housing & Residential Life

 New York

 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(Troy, NY)
Student Life & Engagement


 Lehigh University
(Bethlehem, PA)
Greek Life

 South Carolina

 Coastal Carolina University
(Conway, SC)
Housing & Residential Life


 Austin Peay State University
(Clarksville, TN)

Career Counseling & Greek Life

University of Tennessee
(Martin, TN)

New Student Orientations

Southwest Tennessee Community College
(Memphis, TN)
Recruitment & Retention

Bethel University
(McKenzie, TN)
Study Abroad

Hear what our students and alumni have to say about the program

Tyler BradleyTyler Bradley

What advice do you have for future PSE students?
"The best advice I have for anyone in this program is to become a “yes” person. What I mean by this is that you should take advantage of the opportunities the department offers. In the academic program, I was able to work on a research project with a faculty member, attend a SACSA conference, and present at an ACPA convention, which has led me to become even more involved as an ACPA Ambassador Coordinator this year."

Dakota FieldsDakota Fields

How has the PSE program helped prepare you for the field?
"The program helped me prepare for the field by giving insight in budgeting, assessment, and theories to practice. I am applying them without thinking and can carry educated discussion about them now."

Matthew HicksMatthew Hicks

Why were you interested in the postsecondary education profession?
"I wanted to help students reach success and develop student leaders. I received a lot of help in my time in college, and I wanted to pay it forward. I really enjoyed the college environment and the growth that occurs in this time of students' lives."

Anthony PrewittAnthony Prewitt

Why did you select the PSE program?
"After meeting with Dr. Littlepage and Dr. Bourke, I knew this was the program for me. To have faculty and staff who care about the success of the students and to be part of a program that is flexible and still in its infancy is what cemented my decision to enroll. I wanted a program that I could grow with, and this was it."

Emily SmithPaige Roach How has the PSE program helped prepare you for the field?
"I have not had an assignment that was not useful. All of the assignments in the program are geared toward real application. Along with the internship experience, I have also been able to work hands-on in processes that will be used often in the field."
Emily SmithEmily Smith

What advice do you have for future PSE students?
"The best advice I can give for prospective or newly admitted students to the PSE program is to come into the program with an open mind! You might think you’re best suited for a certain functional unit of higher education, but this program will open your eyes to the many possibilities. Don’t limit yourself."

Elana Stubbs
Elana Stubbs 

What is your favorite aspect of the PSE program?
"My favorite aspects of this program are that I get to build connections as if I had known each individual for a lifetime, and I know that the information I have learned in my classes will help me to be a successful professional."