Curriculum and Degree Requirements

MSU School Psychology Program Coursework: 60 hours

The MSU School Psychology program offers a blend of face-to- face, online, and hybrid courses that will prepare you for entry-level practice as school psychologists. After graduation, you will have considerable expertise in diagnostic assessment, intervention development, consultation, and educational systems. Our program allows both full-time (2 years of coursework) and part- time (3 years of coursework) enrollment students with a yearlong, capstone internship experience comprising your final year.

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Assessment Courses (12 hours)
CNS 683 Tests & Measures
CNS 676 Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
CNS 689 Individual Assessment
CNS 690 Advanced Individual Assessment

Intervention/Consultation Courses (12 hours)
CNS 620 Learning Theories & Applications
CNS 615 Behavioral Assessment & Intervention
CNS 677 Instructional Assessment & Intervention
CNS 687 School-Based Consultation

Counseling Courses (9 hours)
CNS 619 Foundational Counseling Techniques
CNS 671 Multicultural Counseling
CNS 692 Group Counseling

Research Methods Courses (6 hours)
ADM 630 Methods of Research
ADM 725 Advanced Educational Statistics

Related School Psychology Courses (12 hours)
CNS 688 Professional School Psychology
SED 603 Special Education Law
CNS 635 Human Development
CNS 798 Specialty Study*

Practicum & Internship Courses (9 hours)
CNS 790 Practicum (200 clock hours)
CNS 794/795 Internship I (1200 clock hours)

*6th Year Program students are required to substitute an elective course in place of CNS 798

Individual Intellectual Assessment (IIA) Endorsement: 15 hours

CNS 677 Instructional Assessment & Intervention
CNS 683 Tests & Measurements
CNS 689 Individual Testing
CNS 690 Advanced Individual Testing
CNS 790 Practicum (200 clock hours)