BS Curriculum

University Studies Requirements

  • ENG 105
  • COM 161
  • Biology course w/ lab
  • Math course (statistics)
  • Physical science course (Chemistry or Physics)
  • CIV 201 or 202
  • HUM 211
  • Elective from US category of Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity and World's Artistic Traditions
  • Elective from US category of Ethics, Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement
  • PSY 180
  • Elective for any University Studies category

Required Support Courses

  • SED 300
  • Developmental Psychology

Required Limited Electives (12 hours)

Students are required to choose 12 hours of electives that support their career and educational plans. At least six of those hours must be upper leve (300-500) courses. Examples of appropriate coursework include communication classes (interpersonal, intercultural, conflict resolution), psychology classes (child psych, psych of aging), and medical terminology. Students should discuss more options with their advisor.

CDI Core Courses

  • CDI 100T Transitions
  • CDI 205 Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • CDI 215 Clinical Phonetics
  • CDI 310 Anatomy & Physiology
  • CDI 315 Speech Science
  • CDI 325 Pediatric Speech Disorders I
  • CDI 340 Speech and Language Development
  • CDI 345 Pediatric Langauge Disorders I
  • CDI 405 Audiology
  • CDI 440 Adult Disorders of Speech and Language
  • CDI 451 Aural Rehabilitation
  • CDI 465 Neuroanatomy
  • CDI 470 Pediatric Speech Disorders II
  • CDI 472 Pediatric Language Disorders II
  • CDI 474 Elementary Clinical Skills
  • CDI 480 School Services for Communication Disorders
  • CDI 482 Augmentative-Alternative Communication

Current academic bulletins may be found on the Registrar's page.

Teacher Education Requirements

A teaching certificate is required to obtain a tenured position as an SLP in the Kentucky schools. Specific undergraduate courses must be taken before a student can meet qualifications for a teaching certificate. Some of these courses also require a grade of B or better. Students should meet with their advisor each semester to ensure they have met all requirements.