Who Is Eligible?

Based on a variety of criteria, art scholarships are available to a number of students in art & design.  Some scholarships are designated for entering freshman and transfer students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree in art. Awards will be given to the most promising and deserving students.


How to apply for a scholarship

All applications need to be made online through the university's scholarship portal ( for both university scholarships and the Department of Art & Design scholarships.

  1. Complete online application for admission to

Murray State University.

  2. Carefully follow all online instructions and provide all requested information (for example: ACT scores, letters of recommendation, personal statement, transcript, etc.).

  3. For an art & design scholarship you will also need a portfolio:

    - Your portfolio is a collection of your art works. The departments Scholarship Committee will use your portfolio to evaluate your talent and potential. Your portfolio may include a variety of media - any combination of pencil,

pastel, charcoal, watercolor, photo, oil, collage, ink, etc. Include 10-20 images of your best works.

    - Take good images of your work. For the best results take your images outside in the shade. Place your image/object against gray or neutral background; for example, a piece of cloth or mat board. Individual shots should be taken of each piece.

    - Create a file with your images saved in a PDF format and upload your portfolio along with other information on the university's scholarship website. (NOTE: 12 MB per total upload of all files; you may need to adjust your images or split your portfolio into sections)


Helpful Hints

When including original two-dimensional works they should be neatly matted and demonstrate your drawing ability and use of color, your creativity, Imagination, and originality. Include at least three drawings from direct observation. Examples of three-dimensional work should be submitted in photographic form.


Unable to upload your portfolio?

If you experience difficulties uploading your portfolio, you can do one of three things:

1. You can hand deliver your portfolio to the Department of Art & Design.

2. You can mail your actual portfolio to the department.

3. You can burn your images on a CD-R and mail it to the department.


Hand Delivered Portfolios

Portfolios will be received from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, in the Department of Art & Design, sixth floor, room 604, Price Doyle Fine Arts Center, before the deadline: January 15th. Whether mailing or hand delivering your work, if you want your work returned to you by mail, you must include return postage; otherwise the Department of Art & Design will hold your work for you to pick up.


Mailing Your Portfolio

When packing your original work, place everything in one container. Use a flat box, a purchased artist’s portfolio, or large pieces of cardboard taped securely around your work. Be sure your package is secure and reusable so we can mail it back to you.

Mail your portfolio so it will be postmarked no later than January 15th. Mail Department of Art Materials and Portfolio to:

Scholarship Committee

Department of Art & Design

Murray State University

604 Fine Arts Building

Murray, KY 42071-3342


CD-R portfolio

If you do burn your images onto a CD-R, make an inventory sheet with your name on it, and a list of works which correspond to the numbered images in your CD-R portfolio. For each item on the sheet include the title, medium, size, date completed, and any other pertinent information.


Financial Aid Opportunities

Financial aid is separate from the scholarship process. Information and application forms are available from the Student Financial Aid Office. Filing by January 15 will increase your chances of receiving the financial aid for which you are determined eligible.


Deadline for all scholarship applications: January 15


Download this Scholarship Info as pdf

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