Art History

The Department of Art and Design offers BA and BFA in Studio Art degrees with an Enhanced Art History Option. Also, Art History is offered as a minor with 21 credit hours.  Additionally, Art history may also be selected as one of the concentrations for the Liberal Arts major.

In the Art History courses, students become familiar with the discipline of Art History, its methods, its history and its applications. The students are learning about the traditions of their chosen profession by being introduced to the major artists and works of art of the past and near present, as well as to the theories and cultural circumstances which supported the making of art.  Classes cover a wide variety of the arts of the Western tradition - Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Nineteenth century, Modern and Contemporary periods – as well as the arts of non-western cultures - India, the Far East, Africa and the Americas. 

Facilities The Art History facilities have 3,754 square feet of space.  This includes two lecture halls with auditorium seating. The principle class room equipped with up-to-date dual digital projectors serves an average of about 25 students.  In addition, a seminar-style room is available for more discussion oriented classes. 


Art History Faculty 

Dr. Peggy Schrock is a professor of art history.  She received her Ph.D. in art history from the University of Illinois and an MA in art history from the University of Missouri. 

Dr. Zbynek Smetana is an associate professor of art history.  He received his Ph.D. and MA in art history from Rutgers University. 

Contact Information 

Peggy Schrock 

Zbynek Smetana




Courses Offered

ART 121  Art Appreciation (3).  Surveys the various aspects of the visual and functional arts and their relationship to human life and society.  A variety of art forms from different cultures and historical periods will be studied.  Does not count toward art history minor.  A general education fine arts elective. 

ART 211 Introduction to the History of Art I (3). A survey of the history of art from Prehistory through the Middle-Ages. 

ART 212 Introduction to the History of Art II (3). A survey of the history of art from the Renaissance through the present. 

ART 356 The Art of Non-Western Cultures (3).

ART 415 Greek and Roman Art (3).

ART 416 Medieval Art (3).

ART 418 Renaissance Art (3). 

ART 419 Baroque Art (3). 

ART 425 The Art of Asia (3). 

ART 428 Nineteenth Centure Art (3). 

ART 429 Art from 1900 to 1960 (3). 

ART 430 Contemporary Art, 1960 to the Present (3). 

ART 501 Seminar: Special Topics in Art History (3).

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