Ron Hopper

Adjunct Faculty

"Not every writer can be a famous or great writer, but every writer can become better. I try to create a learning community in my classrooms that enables students to become successful and learn to write and read better. Our classes are relevant to the modern world and whatever career plans that the students may have. The goal is to Read, Think, Write, and Learn. Objectives include creative thinking, problem solving, and expressing new ideas. I learn from my students and hopefully, they learn from my experience. I love teaching and creating an atmosphere in the classroom for learning that will last for a lifetime." 

Ron Hopper


M.A. Ed.

Murray State University

M.A., English (studies)

Murray State University

B.S., English and History

Murray State University

Areas of Specialization

Distance Learning


Ron Hopper

7A-4 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341


Courses Taught

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry

HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition

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