About Our Department, Mission Statement

About Our Department

The Department of English and Philosophy helps students explore the world of words and ideas while preparing for a variety of creative and dynamic careers. Students majoring in the department's programs can look forward to success in fields such as creative writing, technical writing, business, publishing, teaching, law, and journalism. Through their studies at Murray State, English and Philosophy majors gain the flexibility of a well-developed mind, a facility with the power of language, and the analytical skills employers want.



The mission of the Department of English and Philosophy is to offer degree programs to educate students in literary and philosophical content knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills, thereby preparing them to become teachers, writers, and other professionals and to pursue further academic studies. This department helps Murray State University achieve its goals by offering three graduate programs, two graduate certificate programs, and five undergraduate programs in the core areas of arts and humanities.



SLO 1: Written Communication in English and Philosophy: Students will express ideas in writing at a level and style appropriate for graduate school admission and/or professional success.

SLO 2: Critical Thinking Skills: Students will demonstrate an ability to function as critical thinkers capable of competently applying higher-order thinking skills to the analysis, interpretation, critique of texts, arguments, and/or rhetoric.

SLO 3: Content Knowledge: Students will demonstrate an ability to function as literary or philosophical scholars capable of recognizing prominent figures, conceptual frameworks, major concepts, works, and trends in literature and/or philosophy.

SLO 4: Pedagogical Skills in English Education: Students will demonstrate an ability to apply the knowledge of English education in the classroom, functioning as teachers of the language arts.



Shraddha Chakradhar


Dr. Sue Sroda

Chair, English and Philosophy

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