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The production crew sign up sheet is on the physical callboard, remember to sign up for crew positions.

She Kills Monsters

Congratulations to the cast, and thank you to all who auditioned!

  • Initial the physical cast list on the callboard to accept roles
  • Scripts will be available from the front office, but note that changes/edits will be made

Cast List:

Agnes Evans ----------------------------------------------------------Emily Pape

Tilly Evans/Tillius  ---------------------------------------------------Hannah Tomes

Chuck/DM Biggs -----------------------------------------------------Cory Storm

Miles--------------------------------------------------------------------Nathan Hensley

Lilith/Lilly--------------------------------------------------------------Marie Norris

Kaliope/Kelly----------------------------------------------------------Julia Steffens

Vera/The Beholder--------------------------------------------------Ali Ohnemus

Steve--------------------------------------------------------------------Cody Kane

Orcus/Ronnie---------------------------------------------------------Isaac Gish

Evil Gabbi (+ monsters as needed)------------------------------Makayla Willett

Evil Tina (+ monsters as needed)--------------------------------Alyssa Rollston

Farrah the Fairy (+ monsters as needed)----------------------Victoria Martin

Monster Performers (Bugbears, Kobalds, etc.)--------------Michael Moreno

                                                                                                -----------Shelby Frye

                                                                                                -----------Aiden McGaw

The Diary of Anne Frank

Congratulations to the cast of Anne Frank, and thank you to all who auditioned!

  • Initial the physical cast list on the callboard to accept roles
  • Cast will meet at 6 PM, Thursday Nov. 30 in FA111, and will receive cuts then
  • Actors are expected to be off book on Jan. 16th

Cast list:

  • Mr. Frank - Landen Bates
  • Miep - Cammi Jo
  • Mrs. Van Daan - Rachel Brown
  • Mr. Van Daan - Cory Storm
  • Peter Van Daan - Cody Kane
  • Mrs. Frank - Katie Berg
  • Margot Frank - Taylor Bochantin
  • Anne Frank - Macy Betz
  • Mr. Kraler - Forest Calhoun
  • Mr. Dussell - Wayne Hogue

SETC Travel Information

  • If you want to ride in the SETC department van, you have to sign up on the main callboard. There are only 10 spaces available, and several will need to be reserved for luggage and department materials
  • Daryl will be leaving for Mobile on Wednesday, March 7th, early in the morning, and returning March 10th late in the evening
  • You need to book your rooms NOW (SETC hotels fill VERY quickly). Try to book at the Quality Inn to keep everybody in the same hotel.

Graduating Seniors - Cincinnati Playhouse Internship Program Audition Notice

Cincinnati Playhouse is announcing auditions for the Bruce E Coyle Acting Internship Program for the 2018-2019 Season. Local auditions will be at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Part on Dec. 3rd, 2017, and callbacks Feb. 11th. Audition requirements: 2 contrasting contemporary monologues and 16 bars of a Christmas carol to be sung A Capella, along with headshot and resume. Sign up for general auditions at the Cincinnati Playhouse HERE.

Unified Audition Information

The SETC Audition Screening Form is available for your perusal. It will show you how auditions are scored for screening auditions at locations such as TTA, KTA, and other SETC screening events. It's a good reference for how professional auditions are evaluated. Though most deadlines for this year's events have passed, you should reference it for future audition years.

Permanent Callboard Information

This section contains information that will stay on the callboard permanently as a student asset. Please look through the materials.

Image Reproduction Release Form

Theatre Student Handbook

Theatre Safety Plan

Message from the Department Chair

Information I wish to pass on to students will occur in one (or more) of the following official channels:

  • THD 106 meetings and the THD 106 Canvas Courses
  • Directly through all faculty
  • By official email
  • By signed (or stamped with Cindi's Initials) letter posted on the callboard, or this website
  • These will be the official methods for communications; we will not use the "Grapevine" method

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