Placement Policy

If you're an incoming student who plans on taking a language class and has had at least some exposure to the language (whether coursework in high school or at another college, or by learning from your family or community), you need to take a placement test. We need to make sure that you're taking a course at the right level:

  • If you take a class that's too easy for you, you're taking a seat away from a student who needs it more and potentially slowing down your path to graduation.
  • If you take a class that's too hard for you, you run the risk of having to repeat it.

Depending on what language you want to study, you'll follow a different procedure for the placement test. Students of Japanese should email Yoko Hatakeyama to schedule an appointment, while students of Chinese should contact Dr. Jie Wu. If you plan to study French, German, or Spanish, you'll take an online placement test. Go to the test website, type in the password racers1, select your language, and take the test. When you've finished, the system will show you your score (and will also send us a copy). Here's how to interpret your scores:

Take this class... ...if you earn this score
FRE 101 0-249
FRE 102 250-310
FRE 201 311-364
FRE 202 365-399
FRE 301 400 or higher
GER 101 0-249
GER 102 250-310
GER 201 311-364
GER 202 365-399
GER 301 400 or higher
SPA 101 0-249
SPA 102 250-345
SPA 201 346-390
SPA 202 391-429
SPA 301 430 or higher


If you place into the right language level and earn an A or a B, you can earn credits--up to 12--for all the courses you skipped. Follow our Challenge Credit procedure to claim them.

Questions? See our FAQ for more information.