Study Abroad

Murray State University offers its students a wide variety of opportunities to study abroad. Majors and minors in a foreign language are especially encouraged to spend at least one summer abroad. For more information, visit the Institute for International Studies study abroad page and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). Students can apply for programs and scholarships, search for programs, and get general info on Murray State's Horizons page, where you can search by term, location, course content, provider, or language.

Of particular interest to foreign language students are the following programs:

Summer Programs (4-6 weeks)

  • Bregenz, Austria (German language and culture, business, and a variety of other courses)
  • China (Chinese language, management, art/journalism)
  • Paris, France (Different humanities in Paris I program. Variety of French classes in Paris II program)
  • Munich, Germany (German courses)
  • Japan (Japanese language and culture, psychology)
  • Madrid/Segovia, Spain (Spanish courses)
  • Tanzania (Swahili and nursing)
  • Costa Rica (Spanish, biology, and art)
  • Ecuador (Spanish, biology)
  • Cuba (Spanish, English, and journalism/JMC)
  • Mexico I & II (Spanish, nursing, art, and sociology)
  • Quebec (French and economics)
  • Slavic Europe (Ukranian and history)
  • And many more!

Semester Programs

KIIS Programs:

  • Caen, France - Spring (full range of French courses at the University of Caen, in Normandy)
  • Regensburg, Germany - Spring (two years of German required; German and culture)
  • Segovia, Spain - Spring (two years of Spanish required for Spanish option; Spanish, literature, and history)
  • Merida, Mexico - Fall (two years of Spanish required for Spanish option; no language requirement for honors option; Spanish, culture, literature, history)

Murray State University Signature Programs:

  • Kansai Gaidai, Japan - Semester/Year (Japanese, culture, humanities, fine arts, business, and a variety of other courses)
  • Tenri University, Japan - Semester/Year (Japanese and culture)
  • Regensburg, Germany - Fall (German, art, economics, history, and a variety of other courses)
  • Chile - Semester (Spanish, culture, economics, politics, and a variety of other courses)

Other Programs

  • The National Student Exchange in Puerto Rico (any level and subject)
  • St. Etienne, France- (Business school in France)
  • Lorenzo de Medici Programs (Italian, variety of courses in Italy)

Ever wanted to learn Korean? Some other language not commonly taught in the US? A wide variety of programs are available to expand your horizons, including CEA and Global Links semester programs in all major languages. Be sure to check out Murray State's Horizons webpage.