Marjorie L. Hilton


Selling to the Masses: Retailing in Russia, 1880-1930 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

“Gender and Ideological Rivalry in Ninotchka and Circus:  The Capitalist and Communist Make-Over,” Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 8:1 (2014)

“The Customer is Always Wrong: Consumer Complaint in Late-NEP Russia,” The Russian Review 68:1 (January 2009)

“Retailing the Revolution: The State Department Store (GUM) and Soviet Society in the 1920s,” Journal of Social History 37:4 (Summer 2004)

Selected Courses Taught

Imperial Russia

The Soviet Union, 1917-91

Revolution and Soviet Society

Soviet History at the Movies

Eastern European Society and Culture

Europe since 1914

Introduction to Historical Studies

Women and Gender in World History

Consumer Culture in Global Perspective

Comparative Revolution

World Civilizations and Cultures to 1500

World Civilizations and Cultures since 1500