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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts major is an is an innovative program allowing students to shape their own educations by combining two fields of interest, an academic minor, foreign language study, study abroad, and a self-designed senior seminar project.

Rather than pursuing one 36-hour major, LBA students complete two 18-hour fields, from Art History to Chemistry to International Affairs to Gender and Diversity Studies and Sustainability Studies. Students may even design an Interdisciplinary Studies field, blending courses from different academic majors and areas.

The LBA major is designed for people who want to play an active role in defining their university experience.

The major is also a perfect complement to the Murray State Honors Program curriculum.

Advantages for Liberal Arts majors include:

  • Demonstrated expertise in multiple areas of study, through coursework in two fields and a minor;
  • Demonstrated facility in a foreign language, through coursework and study abroad;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, through individual design of the major and development of interdisciplinary senior project;
  • Demonstrated communication skills, through work with multiple advisors and colleagues in coursework and senior project;
  • Demonstrated ability to think, write, and speak comparatively and analytically across disciplines; demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills to the occupation or vocation of choice. 

Potential employers and graduate school admissions officials see in Liberal Arts majors the kind of initiative, self-reliance, broad-based academic background, and versatility that the business and professional spheres are seeking. This degree will leave you very well positioned for today's job market, without sacrificing anything in getting there!

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