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 Cindy Barnett

Cynthia Barnett

Senior Lecturer of Spanish

MA, Murray State University

MA, Bethel College

BA, Oregon State University

Telephone: 270.809.6317
Office: Faculty Hall 304-B

 Leon Bodevin Leon Bodevin
Associate Professor of Spanish
PhD, Texas Tech University
MA, University of Texas-San Antonio
BA, University of Texas-San Antonio

Research Interest: Spanish

Telephone: 270.809.4525
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-2

 Meg Brown

Meg Brown
Professor of German and Spanish
PhD, University of Texas-Austin
MA, University of Southwestern Louisiana
BA, Murray State University

Research Interest: The reception of Cervantes in Twentieth-Century Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; Twentieth-Century Austrian culture and literature; comparative literature; German WWII Prisoners of War in the United States; collaborative teaching

Telephone: 270.809.4526
Office: Faculty Hall 311-A

 Susan Drake Susan Drake
Assistant Professor of Spanish
PhD, The Ohio State University
MA, The Ohio State University
BA, Ohio Wesleyan University

Research Interest: film, women's studies, Latin American literatures and cultures

Telephone: 270.809.3114
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-7

 Reika Ebert

Reika Ebert

Department Chair
Associate Professor of German
PhD, University of Washington
MA, University of Washington
MA, Philipps Universität, Marburg, Germany
BA, Philipps Universität, Marburg, Germany

Research Interest: travel literature, women's literary production, German-Turkish literature and film

Telephone: 270.809.4522
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-5

 Yoko Hatakeyama Yoko Hatakeyama
Senior Lecturer of Japanese
MA, TESOL, Murray State University
MA, Organizational Communication, Murray State University
BA, Aoyama Gakuin University

Research Interest: Japanese language pedagogy, second language acquisition, intercultural communication

Telephone: 270.809.3419
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-1

 Mica Garrett

Mica Garrett

Associate Professor of Spanish
PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
BA, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Research Interest: Cuban literature and film, Spanish Golden-Age literature, Identity theory

Telephone: 270.809.4523
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-3


 Masayo Kaneko Masayo Kaneko
Assistant Professor of Japanese
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Indiana University
BA, Hiroshima University

Research Interest: Modern and contemporary Japanese literature, Gender and religion in medieval Japan (gender, Buddhism, and representation; Nō Theater and Buddhism)

Telephone: 270.809.5439
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-6

 Neal Messer Neal Messer
Assistant Professor of Spanish
PhD, University of Kentucky
MA, University of Kentucky
BA, Transylvania University

Research Interest: Colonial Spanish literature

Telephone: 270.809.5864
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-8

 Janice Morgan Janice Morgan
Professor of French
PhD, Indiana University
MA, Indiana University
BA, Indiana University

Research Interest: French social issues, fiction, cinema

Telephone: 270.809.4527
Office: Faculty Hall 311-B

 Therese Saint Paul Therese Saint Paul
Associate Professor of French
PhD, University of Edinburgh
MA, Universite de Liege-Belgium
BA, Universite de Liege-Belgium

Research Interest: Medieval Comparative Arthurian-Celtic literature, French language and civilization, French for business

Telephone: 270.809.4528
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-9

 Mike Waag

C. Michael Waag
Professor of Spanish
PhD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Illinois
BA, University of Arizona

Research Interest: Latin American Literature, Ecuadorian Literature, Ecuador, International Film

Telephone: 270.809.4524
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-4

 Wu Jie

Jie Wu
Assistant Professor of Chinese
PhD, University of Washington in Seattle 

MA, University of Colorado at Boulder 

BA, Fudan University 

Research Interest: Traditional Chinese literary and cultural history
Telephone: 270.809.6865
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-10

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