Mike Bordieri, Ph.D.

Dr. Mike Bordieri


My research and clinical interests lie in developing interventions designed to decrease human suffering and increase our engagement in vital and valued living. In particular, I am interested in the concept of psychological flexibility and how it might help inform our treatment of psychological difficulties, broadly defined. Under this umbrella I conduct translational research linking acceptance and mindfulness treatment components to basic behavioral processes.

I welcome undergraduate and graduate students who are interested (or think that they might be interested) in this area to stop by my office and have a conversation. Opportunities for student engagement in research range from helping out with my existing projects as a research assistant to designing and conducting original research projects under my supervision and mentorship. In addition to the research listed in my vitae, here are some examples of student research projects that I have directed:

  • Effects of an Interactive Task on Decision Making
  • Stigmatizing Attitudes and Trivialization of Mental Illness
  • Stigmatizing Attitudes and Psychological Flexibility
  • Exploring Factors that Influence Preference for Pharmacological and Psychological Treatments of Anxiety Disorders
  • Bringing Ecological Validity to Client Preference for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatments

Curriculum vitae