Paul Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul Anderson


 My research focuses on sound localization and spatial hearing. I am most interested in how the auditory system can exploit acoustic properties of rooms to localize sound sources. Reverberation is present in all rooms, but it is rarely noticed. While reverberation degrades sound signals, and makes speech intelligibility difficult, it can also be used by the auditory system to determine the distance between the listener and the sound source. In addition to auditory sound localization, I am also interested in multimodal (auditory/visual) perception. Visual space perception is more accurate than auditory space perception, so visual stimuli can be used to bias the perceived location of sound sources. The integration of visual and auditory information may be used to improve sound localization, especially auditory distance perception.  

In addition to the research listed in my vitae, here are some examples of research projects where students have worked with me:

  • Attention in Auditory Scenes with Distractors
  • Inattentional Deafness of Sound Sources
  • Effect of Room Acoustics on Auditory Distance Perception

Curriculum vitae