Psychology Master's Alumni Testimonials

What Murray State alumni have to say about their master's degree program in psychology

"I can honestly say that my experiences and curriculum in the Clinical Psychology Master's Program at Murray State prepared me exceptionally well for my Ph.D. program. The rigorous coursework in all bases of psychology along with the practicum in the clinic equipped me with skills to take what was learned in the classroom and apply those concepts in the clinic. The faculty encouraged independence in acquiring knowledge but were incredibly supportive by providing guidance with assessment, treatment, and curriculum when need be. The requirement of a Master's thesis advanced my knowledge and application of research but also created a desire to continue research and pursue these opportunities in my doctorate program. I would highly recommend the Clinical Psychology Master's Program to anyone with a passion for helping others to thrive, overcome distress, and to reach their full potential in life."

Brooke Schmitt, M. S. (2016 Graduate)
Ph.D. Student in School Psychology
Indiana University - Bloomington

"I truly believe my master’s in General Experimental Psychology from Murray State prepared me extensively for the next level in my graduate education. During my time there I refined my abilities and in the end transformed into a better researcher. The faculty will work with you closely to produce quality projects you can use to submit for conferences and academic journals later, and the core curriculum established a secure foundation onwhich to base those research projects. In short, whichever your end goal – whether it be higher education or industry – Murray State’s program can get you there. "

Sarah Lee , M. S. (2015 Graduate)
Ph.D. Student in Experimental Psychology and Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Texas at Arlington
"I have nothing but great things to say about Murray State's Clinical Psychology program. My favorite thing about the program was the small class sizes. I felt that I got a great one-on-one learning experience in every class that I took. I was also able to develop a close relationship with my professors and fellow classmates. There’s nothing better than going to class and feeling comfortable with everyone in the room! In addition to the great classroom experience, I absolutely loved putting my skills to good use during the clinical practicum. I learned a lot from working with different supervisors who pushed me, challenged me, and provided me the guidance I needed. I also felt that I got to meet with a diverse group of patients, enabling me to learn a variety of different clinical skills. The Clinical Psychology program also taught me to be a competent researcher. I love that the program has an equal emphasis on scientific research and clinical practice. These skills helped me to land a job that I love and find highly rewarding!"
Kaitlin Arnold, M.S. (2013 Graduate)
Research Patient Coordinator
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
"I cannot recommend the General Experimental Psychology program at Murray State University enough. The classes expanded my knowledge and research experience, and the electives available cater to the various interests that students often have. Having those electives available helped me realize which branch of psychology I wanted to be involved in for the rest of my career. I was also able to form excellent relationships with my professors through the small class sizes and their open office hours. The professors encourage your research and professional interests, and bring real examples into their lectures. The faculty and students are a close knit family, and I'm so glad I chose to continue my studies at Murray State. I will always recommend their programs to my friends and colleagues."
Jenny Wilkins Owens, M.A. (2012 Graduate)
Mental Health Associate
River Valley Behavioral Health, Owensboro, KY
"I highly recommend Murray State's Psychology program. The classes are excellent, informative, and provide many opportunities to develop your interests. You will get many occasions to do research into the topics that appeal to you.
The faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of their students. If you are willing to do the work, they will help in any way they can. I had to take a three year break from my thesis for open-heart surgery and recovery, and everyone was supportive and helpful when I returned to complete my degree. If not for the SUPERIOR faculty, staff, and education provided by Murray State University, I would not have been able to attain a Master's Degree in General Experimental Psychology."
Katrina Koch, M.S. (2011 Graduate)
"Thanks to my education at Murray State, I am confident, competent, and well-prepared for my position as a child and family therapist. I attribute my success to an intensive academic curriculum and the practicum experience I was provided in the Clinical Psychology Program."
Lora Smith, LPA (2010 Graduate)
Clinical Director and Therapist
Kennedy Counseling Services, Hopkinsville, KY
"The coursework was well-rounded and gave me the confidence to practice across different settings and populations. The faculty genuinely cares about the success of their students and their future endeavors."
Danielle Witkowski, M.S., LPC (2009 Graduate)
Milwaukee, WI
"I feel like Murray State's program prepared me very well for a career in psychology. The class sizes are small ... and I feel like I got to know my professors well and develop relationships with them. The professors challenged me academically and I feel like they genuinely cared for me both in and out of the classroom. Even after graduation, my professors at Murray State have been available to help me with professional issues or questions that have arisen. I feel like the program does a superior job training students to be clinicians...I enjoyed the program because I was able to see clients with many different disorders which helped me pinpoint what type of clientele I enjoyed working with most... Additionally, the program allows student the opportunity to practice their research skills through the completion of a thesis. I feel like Murray State's Clinical Psychology program is a wonderful program and would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in psychology."
Brian Belva, Ph.D. (2009 Graduate)
Clinical Psychologist
Pediatric Psychological Associates, Louisville, KY
"Because of the knowledge and experience that I obtained at Murray State, I was able to secure a job that I absolutely love working in my chosen field and putting all the skills I learned to good use."
Tara Luellen, M.A. (2009 Graduate)
Licensed Psychological Associate
The Neuropsychology Consultants, PA, Raleigh, NC
"The General Experimental grad program at Murray State provided me with exactly what I needed to finally have the career I’d always wanted. The faculty members there genuinely care about the success of students and are readily available to provide any mentoring and guidance you may need. The experiences I had at Murray State provided me with a solid foundation which I continue to use. In fact, I currently work closely with two very accomplished researchers (both have Ph.D.s) who have commented more than once about the amount and quality of knowledge I received from the Murray State program. The program will challenge you and perhaps even test your limits, but it will undoubtedly pay-off in the long-run."
Pamela Stafford, M.A. (2008 graduate)
Assistant Director of Program Implementation and Research Evaluation
Prevention Research Institute, Inc., Lexington, KY
"Clinical psychology has opened up more opportunities for success and satisfaction than I could have imagined. Murray State's master’s program laid the groundwork through its curriculum and knowledgeable, accessible professors. The professors not only provided the education requirements, they supported and mentored me to ensure I was competent, ethical and prepared to provide psychological services, while getting to know me personally. In addition, the curriculum and practicum allowed me to explore and better understand my areas of interest and prepared me for various job opportunities. Although I never expected to work with people with intellectual disabilities, I now serve this population and love going to work. Despite not having worked with this population prior to my current position, my employer knew that with my education from Murray State I possessed the skills to be successful. I love knowing that I have various opportunities available in this field, and that I get to work with people daily thanks for Murray State's graduate program in clinical psychology!"
Jodi Martin, M.A. (2007 Graduate)
Licensed Psychological Associate
Behavior Associates, LLC (Outwood), Owensboro, KY
"I was immediately put at ease by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the faculty and current graduate students in the psychology graduate program. The faculty treated me as a colleague rather than just a student. In fact, I still have relationships with the faculty even after having graduated...The program was very demanding, but the faculty were always there to provide guidance and assistance when you needed it...The doctoral level psychologists with whom I work frequently compliment Murray State University’s clinical psychology program due to the intense training I received and knowledge I have as a result of having attended graduate school there."
Scott W. Cockrum, M.S. (2006 Graduate)
Associate Psychologist II,
Bryce Hospital, Tuscaloosa, AL
"At first, you will be surprised how intense the program is. After you graduate, you will be even more surprised how well the program prepared you as an excellent clinician and a researcher."
KoUn Eum, Ph.D. (2006 Graduate)
Licensed Psychologist
University of Idaho Counseling and Testing Center
"I am a proud alumna of Murray State's psychology program. The education and clinical skills I gained while obtaining my Master's degree gave me knowledge and confidence to be successful in the field. And, the clinical staff has continued to be supportive long after my graduation."
Jillian Payne Carden, M.A., Psy.D. (2005 Graduate)
Communicare, Elizabethtown, KY
"The Murray State Clinical Psychology graduate program prepared me to enter a job market that is competitive. With the skills I acquired, I am now working as both an administrator of a non-profit service agency and a therapist. The knowledge base I now have positions me to be effective in meeting the growing demand for skilled professionals working in psychology. "
Mary E. Foley, M.S., LPA (2005 Graduate)
Executive Director, Forensic Interviewer
Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Children's Advocacy Center, Murray, KY
"The Master's in Clinical Psychology program at Murray State really prepared me for doctoral study, my pre-doctoral internship, and my post-doctoral residency. I felt very competitive and competent, especially in my therapy and assessment skills, when compared to graduates from other schools."
Allison K. Bradshaw, M.A., Ph.D., HSP (2004 Graduate)
Licensed Staff Psychologist
Assessment Coordinator
Vanderbilt University Psychological & Counseling Center
"Murray State's graduate program prepared me well to work with a variety of populations. I am comfortable competing for jobs with graduates from any program in the country. The faculty is diverse, but more importantly, really want to see students succeed. A short drive from the big cities, Murray State offers a world-class educational experience in a small-town setting.""
Leslie Page, M.S. (2003 Graduate)
Private Practice Clinician
"The Department of Psychology at Murray State provided me with a big program, quality education within an ever-encouraging, small city environment. The faculty was always open to my questions and concerns and I really had the sense that everybody - from Martha the secretary to my professors - really cared about my educational and personal progress. Ultimately, however, the worth of any degree is how well it prepares you for future endeavors, and as I sit here today, I have earned a doctorate degree and a great job in large part, I believe, due to those professional qualities impressed upon me by this great faculty. "
Adam F. Gambouras, M.S., Ph.D. (2001 Graduate)
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Interior Health Authority, British Columbia, Canada
"I received thorough hands-on training in therapy, psychological testing, and report writing that was provided by skilled clinical psychologists who supervised us with the utmost commitment and highest expectations. The professionalism, knowledge, and diligence that was instilled in me during my graduate training in these areas is still commented on today in my current profession."
Kathleen B. O'Neill, M.S. (2000 Graduate)
School Psychologist