Major in Psychology

About the major

The department offers both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degree in psychology:
       Curriculum requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees

The psychology major offers three types of classes. One block of courses covers the classic areas of psychology in which both normal and abnormal behavior and their causes are studied. The second block of courses focuses on research skills, and the third block of courses covers a wide variety of elective classes in psychology. The psychology student might choose electives in animal behavior, industrial/organizational psychology, the psychology of language, law and psychology, or sport psychology. Many additional electives are also offered.  In addition to regular classes, students have opportunities to earn credit while working individually with faculty members doing research. As a result, many of our undergraduates have appeared as authors and co-authors with faculty members on published articles and have presented their findings at scientific meetings across the country.

Career opportunities

Students who major in psychology have a wide choice of careers, and the psychology major at Murray State is designed to prepare students to achieve their goals. Upon graduation, psychology majors may choose entry-level positions in social services or business positions in management, sales, and personnel. Some students use their undergraduate degree in psychology as a springboard into other professions such as law, medicine, business, and education. Many psychology students wish to attend graduate school to earn a master's or doctorate in psychology that leads to professional careers in settings such as hospitals, mental health clinics, or private practice. Others who earn advanced psychology degrees choose to work in the business world as industrial/organizational psychologists or may go into academia in order to teach and conduct research at colleges and universities.