ADVANCE Workshops

Enhancing Your Career with Networking Strategies
Donna Dean, Consultant, Association for Women in Science & American Chemical Society
September 28, 2017
Networking is an important component for career success and, when strategically implemented, can be utilized
to advance one’s career. This interactive workshop will cover the various forms of networking, incorporate small
group discussions on the benefits and challenges related to networking, and provide tips and techniques that
can immediately be put into action to improve one’s networking skills.

Survival is insufficient: Seek to Thrive
Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Scientist, Executive, Diversity Advocate
March 9, 2017
We will discuss strategies useful in academic careers, as well as implementation of those strategies.
Among the topics to be covered are: How well do you know your institution? Setting priorities and goals.
Seeking and finding supportive others. Feeling trapped? It’s a trap! Stereotype threat, how we sabotage

Work-life balance: what do you really want?
Joan Herbers, Ohio State University
October 20, 2016
Work-life balance is a misnomer: no one can have it all.  Many of us feel out of balance both professionally and
personally. In this workshop we will try to help you discover what you really want from your job and your
personal life, how that might shift over the course of your career, and how to achieve your primary goals along
the way.