Department of Occupational Safety and Health

Meet Our Students

 The Department of Occupational Safety and Health provides a variety of curriculum options which include a Bachelor of Science in the area of occupational safety and health (safety and environmental tracks); Master of Science in occupational safety and health with concentrations in safety management, industrial hygiene, and environmental, including an online program with a concentration in safety management; and a technical minor in occupational safety and health. These programs are accredited by the Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET (ASAC/ABET), The degree programs are designed to provide the technical and professional knowledge required by individuals pursuing careers in safety management, occupational health, industrial hygiene, loss/risk control management, ergonomics, emergency planning and response, and environmental safety and health. Our graduates are academically prepared to pursue advanced degrees in higher education.

The following details recent enrollment and graduation figures for the Bachelor and Master of Science degree programs in occupational safety and health. Click the arrow for more information.


Semester       B.S.          M.S.    
Fall 2009 214 52
Fall 2010 222 43
Fall 2011 239 42
Fall 2012 315 51
Fall 2013 372 50
Fall 2014 409 64
Fall 2015 423 86
Fall 2016 402 64



Academic Year (Aug./Dec./May)       B.S.          M.S.    
2009-2010 30 29
2010-2011 41 27
2011-2012 45 24
2012-2013 44 23
2013-2014 48 35
2014-2015 57 30
2015-2016 93 42
2016-2017 TBD TBD