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Eight-Legged Darlings


 The Crew

Hogna cannibalism

Tigrosa georgicola wolf spider cannibalism


 mating trials
Conducting mating trials

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse



Collecting wolf spiders at Hancock Biological Station

close up 

Tigrosa annexa male



Zach Ryne

ocreata male 

Schizocosa ocreata male


 lab group

Lab group, summer 2016

avida venter 

Schizocosa avida female (ventral aspect)



 Feeding day

Feeding hundreds of spiders

S avida 

Tigrosa annexa

A. metallica 

Juvenile Avicularia metallica (Pink Toe) tarantula on its first day in the lab (June 8, 2016).


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 the guys

The guys hard at work - mating trials 2016

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