Swine Unit

2016 Fall Classic 


Welcome to the Murray State University Swine Lab!  We have a one-of-a-kind student-centered program that focuses on the production of show pigs and purebred breeding stock. 


Our mission is to provide Murray State students a hands-on farm operation and management experience resulting in affordable, high quality show pigs for youth projects in the region.

 A Focus on Students

Aligning with our mission, we have a fully student-operated swine teaching farm.  The farm is operated as a joint venture between students in the AGR 426 “Experience in Swine Production” course and the AGR 444 “Livestock Management & Marketing” course.  Students enrolled in these courses provide the intermediate and long-term vision and planning for the farm as well as assist with short-term farm operation, livestock promotion, and product marketing.  The show pigs you see produced on our farm are the result of planning, breeding, farrowing, and feeding performed by Murray State students.  When you see Murray State exhibiting pigs at national or state shows, the student driving that hog did the work to get it there every step of the way, not some instructor or farm manager.

The farm relies on students from a number of other programs as well.  Students in Murray State’s Agriculture Communications help to program, develop, and maintain this website; provide pictures and video of pigs for online sales; and help with overall farm promotion.  Students, instructors, and veterinarians in our Animal Health & Technology and Pre-vet programs provide all veterinary work for our farm. 


Our swine program transitioned to a show pig emphasis in 2012 and we have not looked back.  We are fortunate to have tremendous administrative and donor support, which allowed us to jumpstart our herd with several foundation sows purchased from Steve Cobb & Family.  The majority of our crossbred sows are 1-2 generations from those original Cobb sows. 

Our newest venture is serving our pork on campus through Murray State University Dining Services.  Our farm produces pork for catering, campus events, and students residing in the dorms.

Thank you for stopping by, and please do not hesitate to call or text with any questions.  If you are interested in learning more about our unique student-centered swine program, please contact Matt Shultz, Assistant Professor at (270) 809-3051 (office), (270) 970-8141 (cell), or mshultz1@murraystate.edu.  If you would like to learn more about the many other unique programs within the Hutson School of Agriculture, please contact Ms. Christy Watkins, Agricultural Recruitment Coordinator, at cwatkins@murraystate.edu.