Purchase AHEC Services

Students to Careers services are focused to engage, support and advance students at the middle, high school and college level toward careers in health professions.

Purchase AHEC provides a multi-level approach to connecting students to careers. Beginning with middle and high school and then extending throughout college, services are offered to help guide students as they explore health career options, ignite interest through hands-on learning and shadowing experiences, and build confidence and skills to help focus them for success. As the initial entryway into what is known as the "health career pipeline", AHEC introduces students to health career options in an effort to help "grow our own" health professionals. Ongoing services are offered as students advance in their pursuit of a health career, in hope they may choose to be rural providers and someday return to practice in the region.

Professionals to Communities services foster a climate to support educational advancement among future and current health care practitioners.

Purchase AHEC stays connected with our local students during medical school, and coordinates clinical rotation experiences for advanced health professions students to help them understand of what it's like to practice in a rural setting. Local practitioners serve as mentors for shadowing students in the early phases of career exploration, and also serve as community based faculty members/educators to students during the final aspects of their training. Continuing Education opportunities are provided to current professionals to help them maintain licensure and offer the convenience of training opportunities closer to home.

Communities to Better Health services develop partnerships with organizations and communities to initiate change that focuses on the region’s healthcare needs.

Purchase AHEC helps to bring our "communities to better health" through initiating and coordinating issue-driven initiatives that are important to the health of region. Once a community project is identified, we help to bring stakeholders together to share resources and ideas on how to address a need or gap in services. 

For additional information on the services available through the Purchase AHEC, contact:

Missy Stokes, Center Director
Purchase AHEC
225 Wells Hall
Murray State University
Murray, Kentucky 42071
Office:  270.809.4123
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