Student Handbook


Financial assistance is available through U of L and UK AHEC offices to help you pay expenses during your clinical rotation. Housing, meal and travel stipends are distributed by your university. U of L stipends may be deposited directly into your student account; UK AHEC stipends may be picked up at their office located at 138 Leader Avenue in Lexington.

UK students receive their reimbursement for housing directly from the UK AHEC office. Please refer to their guidelines in the UK AHEC Handbook. You must obtain a housing receipt and return it to the University AHEC office upon your return.

U of L students receive their reimbursement for housing, directly from the U of L AHEC office. U of L is currently transitioning to direct deposit of your stipends in to your university account.You must obtain a housing receipt and return it to the University AHEC office upon your return. You can obtain forms and info from the U of L AHEC web page.

If requested on the FACT SHEET you complete, assistance is available in making housing arrangements during your clinical rotation. Our priority is to help connect you with the best housing accommodations available with minimal driving to your clinical rotation site. Many of our sites are with housing hosts who have been welcoming students into their homes for many years. Hosts have agreed to accept the current stipend rate per week as rent during your stay. Housing hosts must be paid up front for the entirety of your stay upon your arrival.

Most housing arrangements cannot accommodate spouses or significant others and pets are not allowed. Other housing options may be available at additional cost to the student.

It is the student's responsibility to make the final decision regarding their housing and to pay for the cost of housing.If you choose not to accept the housing arrangements assigned to you, it will be your responsibility to notify the Purchase AHEC office and to make alternate arrangements.The Purchase AHEC assumes no responsibility for the safety of the student and/or his/her property at the selected housing site. All responsibility for the conditions of the housing, including the safety of the housing facilities, is solely that of the housing host. If you need to report any issues regarding your housing arrangement, contact Terri.

Assistance with housing arrangements is also available for out of state students.

Students assigned to an AHEC rotation will also receive a weekly food allowance regardless of housing needs. The amount is determined by the University.

University of Louisville students receive mileage reimbursement from the U of L AHEC office upon completion of your rotation. You will be required to sign a travel form upon completion of your rotation. University of Kentucky students receive mileage reimbursement from the UK AHEC office, but do not receive this until completion of the rotation and evaluation is turned into the UK AHEC office.

In order to meet the requirements of your educational institution, you must be covered by a health insurance plan or be willing to accept financial responsibility for any medical care received while on clinical rotation.

If you are not covered by your university's professional liability insurance, you are required to purchase your own liability insurance to cover clinical education experiences. Professional liability insurance must be in effect at the time you report to your preceptor.

Please be sure your family knows how to reach you in case of an emergency. If you change your housing plans you must notify the Purchase AHEC immediately at 270-809-4123.

The Purchase AHEC area is on CST. Set your clocks back one hour.

While many housing sites do not have internet access, there are several places in the area where free WIFI is available. All of the public libraries also have computer stations, if you need access to a computer and do not have a laptop. If you need assistance during your rotation in locating one, please call AHEC at 270-809-4123.

Most stores will not cash "out of town" checks. Please bring enough cash with you until you have identified the locations of the local money machines to get cash.

There is a Medical Library located inside Western Baptist Hospital and Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Murray and Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield. Clinical books, journal titles, interlibrary loan services, on-line computer searches and telefax capabilities are used to meet the patient care, education and research information needs of health professional students and practitioners. You are encouraged to take advantage of these services. The Library coordinators may be reached at: Western Baptist Hospital 270-575-2108, Lourdes Hospital 270-444-2138, Murray-Calloway County Hospital, 270-762-1380, and Jackson Purchase Medical Center, 270-251-4508. Also you may contact the Information Specialist for the Purchase AHEC, Terri Gipson at 270-809-4119.

Your AHEC rotation will provide you with a one to one preceptor to student ratio which will allow more individualized teaching and usually more independent practice. Many factors determine how health care is practiced. Variables such as culture, resources, and even the personality and training of the preceptor determines the way health care is provided. An AHEC rotation gives you the opportunity to compare health care practices in very different and unique areas.

We hope your rural rotation will positively influence your decision to return to a rural practice where your skills and knowledge are greatly needed. By living and working in a rural community, you will get a better picture of what rural needs are with respect to your profession. It takes a special person to practice rural health care and regardless of your future plans, you and your patients will benefit from this experience.

For additional information, contact Terri Gipson, Clinical Education Coordinator