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MURRAY, Ky. — Murray State University's department of applied health sciences (AHS) has a new Clinical Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Laboratory. AHS is a part of the school of nursing and health professions at Murray State.
The new lab creates a state-of-the-art health science facility that provides one of the top exercise science learning experiences in the region. The lab also provides an environment for students and faculty from other AHS programs to develop, test, and apply knowledge and skills through service learning and research — common in the field of health professions.
"The mission of this lab is to provide a superior quality hands-on instruction to undergraduate students in our exercise science and athletic training programs through integrative, in-depth lab experiences," said Dr. Michael Kalinski, AHS department chair. "This laboratory also has a purpose to foster collaborative efforts within Murray State University and the surrounding community to develop and implement empirically-based wellness interventions."
Research has already begun in the new lab. "Active Steps for Diabetes" is a community-based intervention program for Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Jason Jaggers, assistant professor in AHS and director of the Clinical Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Laboratory, is a co-investigator of this research program. Collaborating in the program are other faculty in the school of nursing and health professions, as well as the Murray-Calloway County Hospital Center for Health and Wellness and the Murray Health Department.
"The new laboratory now has a metabolic cart with a resting metabolic rate canopy system, lactate analyzer, mobile force plate, resting and stress testing ECG system, blood lipid analyzer and an innovative ultrasound machine that measures body fat percentage and changes in lean tissue mass," Jaggers explained.
The ParvoMedics metabolic cart allows Jaggers to measure not only the amount of energy a person burns during rest, but also how fit an individual is based on the maximal amount of oxygen their body is able to consume for energy production.
The equipment can provide an assessment and measures to determine cardiorespiratory fitness and aerobic power, along with blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiographic responses to exercise, pulmonary function and exercise energy expenditure. These measures can be determined on a variety of populations ranging from general to athletic groups of individuals, to more specific clinical populations such as cardiovascular disease patients and diabetics.
Plans for the new lab include increased opportunities for applied health sciences students and faculty to conduct research on a regular basis. Other possibilities for the future include incorporating fitness assessments for Murray State faculty and staff to enable students to gain real-life experience working with individuals who are seeking fitness consultations and health assessments.
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Murray State University students studying applied health sciences in the school of nursing and health professions gain real-world experience through the use of the new Clinical Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Laboratory.
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Dr. Beth Rice, Assistant Professor in the Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Management Program has reached a milestone in her professional career obtaining tenure this year and other accomplishments during the last academic year.

Dr. Beth Rice coordinates both the undergraduate and graduate programs and directs the Dietetic Internship. She is actively involved in School Nutrition advocacy at the national level. She has been appointed to the National Food Service Management Institute Advisory Counsel, as well as the School Nutrition Association's Research Committee.

Dr. Rice was recently awarded a grant to study milk preference in elementary and middle school students.

As an adviser to the Student Nutrition Association (SNA), she annually assists with coordinating Empty Bowls, a community event hosted by Murray Art Guild. 

Jason Jaggers
Dr. Jason Jaggers has achieved great success in his first year as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Health Sciences. Since joining the faculty at Murray State University in 2013 he has published 5 manuscripts as first-author in prestigious journals such as the Journal for Associations in Nurses AIDS Care, International Journal of Sports Medicine, AIDS Care, and the Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition he has also served as co-author on 2 additional publications. In an effort to share his research findings Dr. Jaggers presented data of a home-based exercise program for people living with HIV at the American College of Sports Medicine national conference. While at Murray State University he has successfully funded a CISR grant that included collaborations with faculty within our department from the Nutrition and Dietetics area, as well as faculty in Nursing. In addition to research, Dr. Jaggers also teaches students in the exercise science labs and in the classroom for courses ranging from Research Design and Statistics to Exercise Considerations for Special Populations.
The Physiological Society of India awarded the Prof. S.R. Maitra Memorial Oration and silver medal to Dr. Michael Kalinski which was delivered in Calcutta India on January 15, 2014 at Calcutta University.
AHS Faculty Jason Jaggers received grant funding for project. 

Active Steps for Diabetes is an educational and exercise program for adults with Type 2 diabetes delivered by an interprofessional team designed to improve the overall health status of this at risk population. This program includes the collaborative effort of the Murray-Calloway County Hospital Center for Health and Wellness, Murray-Calloway County Health Department and the faculty from the College of Health Science and Human Services and School of Nursing.
In April 2014 Dr. Kalinski has published a chapter "Sport and Exercise Physiology" in in a prestigious Encyclopedia of Life Support System (EOLSS)developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, by EOLSS Publishers, Oxford, in United Kingdom.  EOLSS is world's largest on-lineEncyclopedia. .
It has extensive state-of-the-art coverage of many disciplines, with contributions by thousands of scholars from over 100 countries and edited by over 395 subject experts. It is rich in interdisciplinary subjects and attempts to forge transdisciplinary pathways between disciplines. EOLSS On-line is rapidly becoming the most sought-after reference site in the World.
The Department of Applied Health Sciences is now on the international map! We are creating international visibility, Department's connections around the globe!
AHS Faculty Frank Pleban awarded grant for project. 
"Assessing Health Behaviors of International College Students - A Cross-Sectional Design." This project aims to identify and support the health needs of international students at Murray State University. A primary component of this study is to construct a multicultural, cross-sectional assessment to assess the health needs of international students enrolled at Murray State University.  The project is a collaborative venture involving faculty in the Department of Applied Health Sciences and the Department of Educational Studies, Leadership, & Counseling.
Eddie Teague after giving his presentation on Evidence of State-Sponsored Research on Steroids on Human Subjects in the Former Soviet Union
Eddie Teague presented at the "Evidence Based Best Practices in Clinical Healthcare", sponsored by the MSU School of Nursing and Health Professions and the Office of The Office of Scholarly and Creative Activity. His presentation entitled "Evidence of State-Sponsored Research on Steroids on Human Subjects in the Former Soviet Union" was well receive.