Accelerated Route

Upon entering Murray State, students who are interested in Athletic Training but do not currently hold a bachelor's degree should declare the Exercise Science major under the Pre-Health Professional Track. Students will change to Exercise Science: Movement Science Track after completing 60 credit hours (incl. a "C" or better in BIO 227, 228, 229, 230, and EXS 101) and earning a 2.75 GPA.

During their third year of undergraduate study, those students who complete the appropriate prerequisite coursework are eligible to apply for admission to the MSAT program. If accepted into the professional program, conferral of the bachelor's degree in Exercise Science will occur after the fourth year of study, and conferral of the MSAT degree will occur after the fifth year of study.

In order to enroll in the MSAT program, students will also apply to the Murray State graduate school using the Accelerated Graduate Admissions policy during the spring of their third (junior) year. Once accepted to both the Murray State graduate school and the MSAT program, the students begin the program during the summer between years 3 and 4 as graduate students.

MSAT Accelerated Sequence

Accelerated Graduate Admissions Policy

Departmental Challenge Credit to complete BS in Exercise Science Degree

Accelerated Route students may complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree via departmental challenge. Student will be charged the going rate (currently $25 per credit hour) for the 30 credit hours of graduate level coursework taken in the 4th year to be used toward the bachelor's degree. A grade of B or better at the 600 level is required of all challenge courses.

Courses required by challenge:
ATR 600 (to count as ATR 500)
ATR 603 (to count as ATR 503)
ATR 604 (to count as ATR 504)
ATR 605 (to count as ATR 505)
ATR 606 (to count as ATR 506)
ATR 607 (to count as ATR 507)
ATR 608 (to count as ATR 508)
ATR 620 (to count as ATR 520)
ATR 621 (to count as ATR 521)
ATR 635 (to count as ATR 535)
ATR 641 (to count as ATR 541)
ATR 651 (to count as ATR 551)
ATR 652 (to count as ATR 552)
ATR 685 (to count as ATR 585)