MSAT Program Costs

Once admitted to the AT Program, apply to the Murray State Graduate School and send a non-refundable deposit to save a seat in the AT Program. This deposit money is used to purchase your initial admission package.

$150.00 Initial Seat Fee (Non-refundable Deposit), Clothing, Nametag, Pack
Various Initial Physical Exam and Immunizations (as needed)
~$100 Initial Criminal Background Check
Various Annual Flu Vaccination
Various Annual TB Skin Test
$35.00 Annual Student Professional Liability Insurance – Students must maintain PLI throughout the course of clinical experiences.
$90.00 Annual Membership to the NATA.
$50.00 Maintain CPR/AED (Professional) Re-Certifications every 2 yrs.
$80.00 Second Year Clothing Package

Athletic Training Students are responsible for all costs associated with travel to the clinical sites and clothing (aligning with the Dress Code Policy). These costs are mandatory and non-refundable once the order is placed.

2017-2018 Tuition and Costs

Physical Exam, immunizations (if needed), flu vaccinations, TB skin test, student professional liability insurance, NATA membership, and CPR/AED re-certifications are all paid directly by the Athletic Training Student.