DPD Requirements

DPD Completion Requirements 


A Verification Statement is an official document that is provided by the DPD Director to students who successfully complete DPD requirements. It is required for a person to be admitted into a Dietetic Internship Program. In order to receive a Verification Statement upon graduation or completion of the DPD a student must have a GPA of at least 2.8 and at least a C in all DPD required courses. A list of those courses is shown here:

Required DPD courses are the following:

BIO  101  Biological Concepts
BIO 228 Human Anatomy and
BIO 229 Human Anatomy Laboratory

EXS 250 Anatomical Concepts in Wellness
BIO 229 Human Physiology
BIO 230 Human Physiology Laboratory
BIO 300 Introductory Microbiology
CHE 105  Intro Chemistry I
CHE 201  General College Chemistry
CHE 210 Brief Organic Chemistry
CHE 330 Basic Biochemistry
PSY 180  General Psychology
SOC 133  Intro to Sociology
CSC 199  Intro to Information Technology
BPA 140 Foundations of Business
MAT 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
PSY 300 Principles and Methods of Statistical Analysis
HEA 415 Communications for Health Professionals

FCS 462 Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences
MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management
NTN 200 Introduction to the Profession
NTN 220 Food Safety and Sanitation

NTN 230 Nutrition
NTN 231 Principles of Food Science and Preparation
NTN 333 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
NTN 371 Quantity Food Production Practicum
NTN 372 Quantity Food Production and Purchasing
NTN 373 Management of Food Service Personnel and Facilities
NTN 412 Community Nutrition and Health
NTN 422 Meal Management                      
NTN 430 Advanced Nutrition

NTN 432 Experimental Foods
NTN 434 Clinical Dietetics Practicum
NTN 440 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NTN 450 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NTN 499 Senior Seminar