Policies and procedures protect the rights of enrolled students. The DPD complies with the current MSU policies and procedures. These can be found in the MSU Academic Bulletin and on the MSU web site. The URL for the policy is stated below. In addition these policies and procedures are available to all students in the Student Life Handbook and Policies which can be accessed at

Scheduling and program calendar, including vacation and holidays:

The university sets an annual calendar for classes, final exams, and holidays.  This is available to students on the MSU web site and in the schedule of classes published each semester.  The URL for the calendar is

Protection of privacy of student information:

The DPD follows the privacy policies set by Murray State University and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  Faculty and student workers for the DPD are required to attend FERPA trainings.

FERPA Training Brochure

Access to personal files:

Murray State faculty have access to student academic records, transcripts, class schedules, degree audits, and grades through the university computer portal, MyGate.  Students have access to all of their education records through the same platform.

The following statement can be found on the Murray State University website regarding access to personal files.  “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.  This includes but is not limited to Social Security numbers, class rolls, advising files, tests, MAP reports, and a student’s class schedule.  These rights are listed below.  As an employee of Murray State University you are expected to comply with this federal law.  The Registrar’s Office is the official source for all student data, and the Registrar is the authorized party to determine right of access to student data.  Murray State identifies faculty members as school officials with a right to access certain specified student records based on an appropriate “need to know.” “




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