Career Opportunities

The purpose of a Public & Community Health Educator is to assist individuals and communities in promoting health and preventing disease. Public & Community Health Educators work in a variety of settings including hospitals, non-profit organizations, government and private business, as well as medical clinics and health departments. The Public & Community Health Education degree provides an opportunity for students who have an interest in health-related disciplines to pursue a viable career in the field.
Public & Community Health educators help to promote health and prevent disease by:
  • Studying the health needs of a targeted population;
  • Working with various groups to create and implement a quality health education program;
  • Evaluating how effective a program was in achieving its objectives through conducting surveys and analyzing statistical data; and by
  • Improving an implemented health program based upon sound formative and summative evaluation measures.
Common Jobs
  • Public Health Departments (State and City/County)
  • Non-Profit Agencies
  • Health Centers (University and Community)
  • Hospitals /Clinics
  • Corporate/ Worksite
  • Insurance Companies
  • Web-based Health Information Companies
  • Health Management Companies

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