The purpose of the MSN degree is to prepare an advanced practice nurse:

1. to utilize new knowledge to provide high quality health care, initiate change, and improve nursing practice;

2. to have a keen understanding of health care policy, organization, and financing of health care;

3. to maintain the standards of advanced practice and code of ethics;

4. to have a clear understanding of the nursing profession, advanced practice nursing roles, the requirements for and regulation of these roles;

5. to develop a practice that incorporates a range of theories and relevant research providing for a comprehensive and holistic approach to care;

6. to develop global awareness of human diversity and social issues;

7. to communicate and collaborate with other health care providers;

8. to provide leadership for initiating and developing change strategies to influence health policy and improve the delivery of health care;

9. to advocate for the nursing profession and for the consumer;

10. to prescribe and provide culturally sensitive care, health promotion, illness prevention and maintenance of function with person, family, and community; and

11. to assume accountability for lifelong learning.