Learning how to handle and use spatial information is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as being a "High Growth Industry."


ESRI provides a large selection of general and industry-specific online training courses. These course allow a person to learn, develop, and enhance job skills. Courses exist for beginners, people new to geospatial technologies to course for experts, looking to enhance job skills. Database management, programming in Python, and cartographic principles are but a few topics available.


Depending on the course, time spent learning a new topic ranges from a couple hours to as many as 36 hours of class time. Each course consists of necessary data, software instruction, plus background on techniques and methods.


ESRI provides a sophisticated course management system. Course quizzes are given. Course progress is dependent upon quiz grades. Course exams exist for many courses. Grades and course progress are managed in the ESRI course management system. Transcripts are available to students to gauge progress towards personal learning goals, show faculty or employers the courses taken and grades achieved, or provide to certification organizations as proof of professional development training. Upon satisfactory completion of a course, the student may be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


ESRI also provides an ESRI Technical Certification Program (TCP) for interested users. The TCP is designed to recognize people who are proficient in the use of some ESRI software products and GIS system design strategies.

ESRI Virtual Campus Availability


Over 70 different ESRI Virtual Campus Courses are available - for free - for Murray State Faculty and Staff, and currently-enrolled students.


For a current list of ESRI Virtual Campus courses, visit training.esri.com.


This external website will provide a current list of courses. Make sure to check each course to make sure it is a course which will apply to some training goal. Make sure to check each course to make sure no 3rd party software is required. Some courses are specifically tied to certain 3rd party software, like HAZUS-MH, or requires administrator-level access to servers. Requests for these courses will not be fulfilled. Please check the prerequisites for each course before requesting a course.

ESRI Virtual Campus Enrollment Information

Sample virtual campus email

Due to the complexity and time commitment required for ESRI Virtual Campus courses, course enrollment will be limited to 2 courses per student.

The MSU/ESRI Virtual Campus Administrator will use the information contained in the forms below for obtaining ESRI Virtual Campus enrollment authorization codes.

To begin any ESRI VC course, first:

    1. Request your Virtual Campus codes from the local ESRI Virtual Campus Administrator (VCA) using the forms below.
    2. The local ESRI VCA will submit enrollment details to ESRI.
    3. ESRI will then generate the authorization codes and return those codes to the Virtual Campus Administrator and the student.
    4. The authorization email will contain information on how to access the ESRI Virtual Campus dashboard and activate the Virtual Campus course.

If codes are requested for all students in a single course, the instructor will receive all codes and then distribute to students.

Individual and Classroom Enrollment for Faculty, Staff, and Currently-enrolled Students


Interested faculty, staff, or currently-enrolled students can request Virtual Campus courses for their own personal learning needs using the contact email below. Faculty, staff, and currently-enrolled students must provide a valid Murray State email address to enroll. Email requests from any other email domain other than murraystate.edu cannot be fulfilled.


Faculty or staff needing to enroll an entire class in a specific ESRI Virtual Campus course can submit an enrollment request to the email below.


The campus VC administrator will forward an email containing all codes and instructions to the faculty person requesting codes. The faculty person will then distribute the codes to the students along with instructions contained in the email. Faculty who would like to enroll an entire class in a specific ESRI Virtual Campus course may use this form to submit a request for course authorization codes. The requesting instructor will be receive a single email containing all course authorization codes and a set of instructions. The instructor will then provide each student an authorization code and a copy of the instructions detailing the code use. 


All students will be required to create an ESRI Global Account as part of the enrollment process. As part of the Virtual Campus product, students will be able to measure and track progress while also maintaining a transcript of courses taken and certificates achieved. ESRI Virtual Campus provides a dashboard for course management, including tracking progress, recording grades, and building a transcript. Transcripts can be valuable later when proof of MSU course or project completion is required. Many employers use ESRI Virtual Campus course transcripts as evidence of GIS competency. Certificates are full-color. Transcripts are valuable assets to provide evidence of GIS competency.

Contact Information