Europe in Transition Program Participants

Past Presentations

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            Higher Education." 1993. 
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The Case of Health Benefits and Insurance.” 2007.
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        Europe." 2005.
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         Immigration Policy in Germany," 2002.
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         Effects on US Relations with Europe." 2008.
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        Twelfth Century." 1998.
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        Poland as an Example." 1993.
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         States." 2003.
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        European Society (1050-1500)" 1998.
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Hulick, Chuck. (Educational Studies, Educational Leadership & Counseling) “Preparing Teachers for Today’s Schools: A
        Reflection of Changing Times in the Countries of Europe.” 2007.
Hulick, Paula. (Office of Student Affairs) “The Evolution of Quilting in Europe.” 2007.
Johnston, Timothy. (Management, Marketing & Business Administration) "Lifestyle of Health &  Sustainability
        (LOHAS) in Germany." 2008.
Jordan, Sandra. (College of Humanities and Fine Arts & Department of Art)."Venustas, Utilitas, Firmitas: Architecture
        as Social Contract." 2004.
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        French." 1993.
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       Space." 2010.
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        Comparative Study Between Germany and America." 2010.
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         German Planning & Design Methodologies for New Residential Architecture." 2009.
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         United States." 1993.
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History." 2004.
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& the USA." 2008.
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      Case of Hungary." 1998. 
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      Central Europe and Kentucky."1998.
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        Europe." 1998.
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Scafella, Jeanne. (Journalism and Mass Communication.) "Seditious Libel in Chaning Societies: Is Law Regarding
        Criticism of the Government Changing as European Governments Become More Democratic?" 2005.
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Schoenfeldt, Roger. (Management and Marketing). "A Look at the New Organization Structure the              
Community Must Develop to Compete in the Global Marketplace of the 90s and Beyond." 1993. 
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Scott, Richard. (Music). "The Romantic Piano Music of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)." 2000.
Sperath, Albert. (Art). "Museums in Transition." 1993.
St Paul, Therese. (MLA) "Tradition & Innovation: a Look at Two Seasonal (Mid-Winter & Summer) European  
Traditions: Carnival/Fastnacht & Dragon Slaying." 2009. 
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Implications," 2002. 
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Reporting Standards." 2009. 
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Sutrick, Ken (Computer Science and Information Systems). "The 'Euro' in Transition." 2002.
Thiede, Ted. (Engineering & Physics) “Trends & Developments in European Energy Technology." 2007.
Timmons, Kathy. (Wellness and Therapeutic Sciences.) “Beer or Fizzy Drinks in School? The Growing  Problem of                   Childhood Obesity in Europe." 2006. 
Timmons, Tom. (Biology.) “Conservation in a Stressed Environment: Is It Too Late for Germany?” 2006.
Valentine, Bob. (JMC) "An American in München: Mark T." 2006.
Waag, Michael. (Modern Languages). "Competition Between European and US Based Petroleum Companies for      
World's Oil Reserves: Is It the Same Old Story?" 2003.
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        Germany and Poland." 1996.
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Wesler, Kit. (Geosciences.) "A Historical View of Climate Change: European and American Perspectives." 2005.
Whaley, Peter. (Geosciences, emeritus.) “Europe: The Site for the Transition from a Solely Religious to a Scientific                  View of Earth History.” 2006.