Winter Term: December 11 - January 3

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Registration on myGate is open to all classifications from October 30 - November 10, 2017. To register for a Winter Term Course after November 10, you must contact the Registration Office at (270) 809-2394 or  Refer to the official Academic Calendar for more information.


 Notes: Students may only take one winter term course. Payment is required in full upon registration.  Financial Aid is available during the Winter Term under limited circumstances. Contact Financial Aid for more information.


90096 AGR 199-01W Contemporary Issues in Agriculture 3 Bellah, Kimberly
90010 AGR 325-01W Small Animal Science 3 Papajeski, Barbie
90119 AGR 339-01W Computer Applications for Agriculture 3 Morrow, Ryan
90009 AGR 353-01W World Food, Agriculture and Society 3 Handayani, Iin
90092 AGR 377-01W Agriculture Safety 3 Hoover, William
90120 AGR 628-01W Agriculture, Food and Rural Law 3 Santiago, Michelle
90134 AGR 713-01W Graduate Computer Applications 3 Shultz, Alyx
90089 ART 121-01W Art and Visual Culture 3 Duffy, Shannon
90130 BIO 103-01W Saving Planet Earth 3 Saar, Dayle
90054 BUS 215-01W Business Communication 3 Ray, Teri
90078 CHE 101-01W Consumer Chemistry 4 Miller, Kevin
90107 CIV 202-01W World Civilizations II 3 Gao, Jie
90075 COM 345-01W Diversity, Communication and the Workplace 3 Coel, Crystal
90122 CRJ 140-01W Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 Hepworth, Daniel
90121 EDU 222-01W Instructional Technology 3 Reed, Dusty
90095 GSC 110-01W World Geography 3 El Masri, Bassil
90129 HEA 191-01W Personal Health 3 Terry, Miranda
90117 JMC 168-01W Contemporary Mass Media 3 Vance, Timothy
90118 JMC 586-01W Special Topics 3 Shemberger, Melony
90044 LST 240-01W The Legal Environment of Business 3 Alkhatib, Ihsan
90104 MGT 551-01W  Organizational Behavior 3 Huang, Yundong
90088 MGT 557-01W International Management 3 Huang, Yundong
90116 MGT 590-01W Strategic Management 3 Muuka, Nkombo
90045 MKT 360-01W Principles of Marketing 3 Johnston, Timothy
90046 MKT 361-01W Selling & Sales Management 3 Linnhoff, Stefan
90086 MKT 463-01W Consumer Behavior 3 Johnston, Timothy
90123 NLS 290-01W Community Engagement & the Nonprofit Sector 3 Rogers, Kelly
90132 NUR 405-01W The Nursing Profession & Health Care Delivery 3 Murch, Carol
90131 OSH 320-01W Env & Occupational Health Engineering Tech 3 Boyd, Julia
 90133 PHI 202-01W Ethics 3 Muenzberg, John
90057 POL 140-01W American National Government 3 Seib, Jerod
90124 POL 250-01W Introduction to International Relations 3 Kang, Choong-Nam
90125 POL 442-01W Government and Business 3 Clinger, James
90126 POL 642-01W Government and Business 3 Clinger, James
90128 PSY 221-01W Psychology of Human Sexuality 3 Page, Leslie
90127 SOC 133-01W Introduction to Sociology 3 Rosenberger, Jared
90073 SWK 347-01W Social Work Practice in Rural Areas 3 Pittman-Munke, Margaret
90007 THD 104-01W The Theatrical Experience 3 Ortega, Heidi

Please check the current schedule for the most up-to-date course information.



      October 30-November 10

Registration Open -  For registration assistance after 11/10/17, contact the Registration Office, (270) 809-2394 or  Payment in full is required upon scheduling after November 10th. You will also be charged a $100 late registration fee.


November 10  

       Advanced scheduling ends 


November 14



November 15

Schedules  purged for non-payment


 December 11

Winter Term Begins


December 18

University Closes for Holiday Break


January 1

Last Day to Withdraw


January 2

University Opens at 8:00 a.m.


January 3

Winter Term Ends 



Undergraduate Online: Online courses are charged based on your residency. Click here  for details. Note that the online fee is $65 per credit hour. 


Graduate Online: $672 per credit hour


 Doctoral Online: $842.50 per credit hour


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Financial Aid is available during the Winter Term under limited circumstances. Contact Financial Aid for more information. 




University Libraries will be open M-F December 11-15 and January 2-15 from 8 am to 5 pm.  Ask-A-Librarian services through text (270) 681-3811, and email ( may be available from December 16-January 1 o on an intermittent basis.