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1098-T forms and International Students

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In January of each year, Murray State sends IRS Form 1098-T to students with qualified tuition and fees or financial aid posted to their student accounts during the calendar year just ended. This form is used to document education tax credits on United States federal income tax returns.

The majority of international students are NOT eligible to claim education expense tax credits on their federal tax forms since, as international students, they do not meet one of these categories:

  • U.S. Citizens
  • Permanent Residents (PR)
  • Married to a citizen or PR
  • Can legally be claimed as a dependent by a US citizen or PR, or
  • Have been in the US long enough to file taxes as a resident for federal tax purposes

Only students in these categories above can claim education tax credits and use the 1098-T. However, Murray State provides the form 1098-T to all Murray State students to accommodate those who may be eligible.

For more information on eligibility, please review I.R.S. Publication 970 at Murray State employees cannot assist you with your specific tax questions, so you should consult a qualified tax professional if you need assistance.

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