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Authorized Users

When another person contacts the university in regards to a student's account, we require that the student give MSU permission to discuss their account with the person requesting the information. Students have the ability to make anyone they choose as authorized users of their student account. They can do this in two different ways:

1. They can making another individual an authorized user on their MyGate account. They will be required to submit the individual's email address. Once they submit an individual's email address, that individual will receive an email listing them to become and authorized user. The individual will have to accept the invitation, and enter their name.

2. Complete the CONSENT TO RELEASE INFORMATION FORM online through the student's MyGate account.


Students are required to give their student ID number (M#) in all emails, before specific information will be answered. All emails sent from the student's MSU email address will be answered, without verifying security questions. Emails received from other email addresses, will only be answered if the domain is known to be a legitimate business or school system, and the address is the student's name. Only general questions will be answered for unacceptable email addresses. The student will be notified that before specific account information can be divulged, the email request would need to be submitted from their MSU email account.

Email us directly at:

For authorized users:

When an email is received from an authorized user, the authorized user is required to supply the students ID number (M#). The email address must be the authorized users email address that the student has on their MyGate account before specific account questions will be answered.

U.S. Mail

Mailing Address
Murray State University
Bursar's Office
200 Sparks Hall
Murray, KY 42071-3312

**Note: When mailing payments - in order to make sure that the payments are applied correctly, please make sure that checks/money orders contain the student's M Number and the term to which the payment applies in the memo field.

In Person

Our offices are located on the 1st floor of Sparks Hall (SH 121) on the main campus of Murray State University.

Sparks Hall is located at the corner of 15th & Main Street in Murray, Kentucky.

Our office hours are

  • Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm (August - May)
  • Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 4:00pm (June - July)

*MSU ID or certified picture must be presented

For authorized users:

The authorized user must present ID and be able to answer the student's security question. If the authorized user is unable to answer the question, or there is not one available, we will not discuss the student account. General questions that can be answered, without divulging specifics in regards to their account will be answered.


You can reach our office by fax (270) 809-2273
If you need your fax to reach a specific individual in our office - please include a cover sheet with their name.


Our main office line is (270) 809-4227

The students are required to have a CONSENT TO RELEASE INFORMATION FORM completed and on file with the Registrar's Office, before their account can be discussed over the telephone. When a student calls the Bursar's Office and ask specific questions in regards to their account, they will be asked their security question. If the student does not have a security question or does not know the answer, then we will not discuss their account. General questions that can be answered, without divulging specifics in regards to their account will be answered.

For authorized users:

When an authorized user contacts the Bursar's Office in regards to information about a student's account, verify that the student has completed the FERPA form and the individual is listed on the FERPA form. If the individual is listed and does not know the answer to the security questions, we cannot discuss specifics with that individual. If the student has an authorized user by the name of the individual that is on the telephone, ask the individual what their email address is. If the response is correct, then we are able to answer any questions regarding the account.

If you have a specific question - please refer to the chart listed below to find the number that will connect you with the individual that you need to speak with.

Art Charges Art (270) 809-3784
Books Bookstore (270) 809-4388
Calendar of Campus Events Campus Activities (270) 809-6767
Campus Telephone Numbers Campus Operator (270) 809-3011
Chemistry Charges Chemistry (270) 809-6490
Class Registration Records Office (270) 809-3776
Declining Balance Food Services (270) 809-3003
Financial Aid Applications & Awards Financial Aid Office (270) 809-2546
Graduate Assistants Provost's Office (270) 809-4273
Grades Records Office (270) 809-3776
Horse Stall Rent - Equine Equine Center (270) 809-7027
Horse Stall Rent - Rodeo Rodeo (270) 809-3039
Housing Assignments/Charges/Deposits/
Housing Office (270) 809-2310
Insurance - Verification of Enrollment Admissions/Registrar's Office (270) 809-3778
KEES KHEAA 1-800-928-8926
Library Fines Library (270) 809-4990
Loans - Owen/Norris - Awarding/Application    Student Financial Aid (270) 809-2546
Loans - Owen/Norris - Collection/Payments Bursar's Office (270) 809-2669
Loans - Perkins/Nursing - Awarding/Application    Student Financial Aid (270) 809-2546
Loans - Perkins/Nursing - Collection/Payments Bursar's Office (270) 809-2669
Loans - PLUS/Direct Lending Student Financial Aid (270) 809-2546
Meal Tickets Food Services (270) 809-3003
Mentoring/Tutoring Charges SDS Office (270) 809-4340
Parking Fines & Permits Public Safety (270) 809-4812
Payment of Fees Bursar's Office (270) 809-4227
Payment Plan - MSUPP Bursar's Office (270) 809-4227
Refunds Bursar's Office (270) 809-2665
Scholarships - University Scholarship Office (270) 809-3225
Transcripts Admissions/Registrar's Office (270) 809-3753
Tuition & Fees Bursar's Office (270) 809-4227
Veteran's Rehabilitation Veteran's Affairs Office (270) 809-3778
Vocational Rehabilitation Bursar's Office (270) 809-4227

Withdrawal from Classes

Records Office (270) 809-3776