Proration of Charges

Refund policies and procedures (pdf)

Refund Tables:

Dropping course(s)

A student who completes a schedule change will receive a reduction in charges for tuition and/or course fee(s) if the student (1) drops below full-time, (2) is part-time and drops a class, or (3) is full-time and drops a class with a refundable course fee.  Both types of refunds will be in accordance with the refund table listed in the current Schedule of Fees

Students who wish to appeal their tuition refund amount must do so in writing to the Withdrawal Appeals Committee, Bursar's Office, Murray State University, 200 Sparks Hall, Murray, KY  42071-3312.  

Complete withdrawal from the university

A student who completes official withdrawal (written clearance through the Admissions and Registrar's Office and the Bursar's Office constitutes completion) or is dismissed will receive a reduction in charges for tuition, fees, room and meal plan in accordance with the refund table listed in the Schedule of Fees.

Appeals Policy & Procedures

The procedure for appealing charges and refunds when the student withdraws follows:

  1. The student must appeal the published policy in writing.  You can find the Appeals form online by following this link: Appeals Form.  

  2. The student must provide documentation of the extreme or extraordinary circumstances justifying their appeal.

  3. A committee of three will consist of a representative from the Registrar's, Financial Aid and the Bursar's office. The committee members shall be appointed by the heads of the aforementioned offices.  The appeal with supporting documentation will be routed to all committee members.

  4. The appeals will be channeled through the Bursar's Office.

  5. The results of the appeal will be sent to the student in writing by the representative from the Bursar's Office within two weeks from the date of the Bursar's office receiving the appeal. 

Return of Federal Title IV student aid ("Official Withdrawal") (effective fall 2000)

More information about the return of financial aid.