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Refund Information
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Refund Information

Students may become eligible for a refund when their account reaches a credit balance status. Students that receive financial aid (in the form of grants, student loans, and scholarships) often receive more than what is necessary to cover the amount of charges billed to their account.  In these instances, refund checks are issued from the Accounting & Finance office and mailed to the student at their refund or permanent address.  Students also may have adjustments on their accounts or receive an account payment that causes their account to enter a credit status.  Refund checks are issued to these students as well. 

Students are also eligible for a refund when they withdraw from the university.  PLEASE NOTE that failure to pay does NOT withdraw you from your classes.  Should you decide not to attend Murray State University, you need to notify the Registar's Office prior to the first day of class.  If you do not request that your registration be canceled, you risk receiving grades of "F" in your courses.  If you do not take action you will remain registered in your classes and you will be responsible for all tuition, course fees and other miscellaneous charges billed to your student account through the time of the withdrawal form completion.  You will owe all or a portion of these fees if your withdrawal is processed after the 100% refund period.  Please view the refund tables portion of the Bursar's Office website for additional information on refund periods.

When checks are issued they are mailed to the students "special refunds" address or to their "permanent" address.  Therefore, it is important that students keep their address updated in our system.  You can change your address on your myGate account by clicking on the Self-Serivice Banner link under the "ACADEMICS" tab.  Self-Service Banner>Personal Information>View/Update Addresses and Phones>Update Addresses and Phones will take you to the site whe you can change your personal information. 

Direct Deposit
Murray State University now offers direct deposit services to their students that will be receiving refund checks.  Bursar refunds are deposited automatically into your checking or savings account - making it an easy alternative to waiting in line to cash your check.

Why Sign Up for Direct Deposit?
When you sign up for direct deposit, you will NOT have to wait while your refund check is mailed.  There's no opportunity for the check to be lost in the mail, or holds on your account until the funds are released.  When the check is direct deposited into your account, you will receive an email to your Murray State email address notifying you that the deposit has been issued (no bank information is included in these emails).  The transaction usually takes two business days and is a safe and secure way to receive your refund check/s.

How to Sign Up
Currently, you can only sign up for the direct deposit option on the main campus of Murray State on the 2nd floor of Sparks Hall.  You will need to bring two forms of ID (at least one being a photo ID) and know both your account number and your banks physical address and routing number.  If your account number or banking information should change for any reason - you will need up fill out a different form before your refund can be successfully deposited.  Please notify the Accounting Department if you want to cancel your direct deposit or make any changes to your direct deposit information.

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