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Health Services

Mission statement

The mission of Health Services is to maintain, improve and promote optimal wellness of the Murray State University community so that its members may achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. The staff is committed to enhancing the educational process by:

  • Removing or modifying health-related barriers to academic, professional and social activities;
  • Educating individuals regarding lifestyle choices and the impact on health and wellness;
  • Educating individuals to make informed decisions about health-related concerns and how to be informed health-care consumers; and,
  • Promoting optimal wellness in all dimensions of the individual's life.

Health Services Information

  • Enrolled students who have paid tuition and mandatory fees
  • Full-time faculty and staff
  • Part-time faculty and staff may use Health Services for blood pressure screening
  • Any Murray State University community member may call Health Line (270.809.3809) for health/wellness information or for referrals

Use of Health Services

When a client arrives at Health Services for the first time he/she will be asked to complete the front of the chart that includes basic demographic information.  Students, faculty and staff who use Health Services will complete a Health & Immunization History.  The history form may be downloaded and printed for completion prior to the first visit.

 Student History & Immunization Form     -     Faculty/Staff History Form

Clients are seen on a drop-in basis (see Location and Hours of Operation) for primary health care in an outpatient setting.  Clients are screened and assessed by professional nurses; they may receive treatment by the nurse based on orders from the physician or referred directly to the nurse practitioner or physician, depending on the nature of the visit. The nurse practitioner is on campus daily during clinic hours.  The physician is on campus six hours per week, but is available to the nurses by phone when not on campus.  The client may be referred to the physician's private office as necessary.

Should a client receive a prescription while at Health Services, he/she may get that prescription filled at a local pharmacy (there is no pharmacy on campus). When a specialist's care is indicated, the nurse will assist with the referral.

  • Services Available to the Murray State University Community
    • Physical assessment for illness or injury
    • Treatment of illness and minor injury
    • First aid - Crutches are available on a loan basis
    • Referrals as needed
    • Laboratory services - We have an on-campus CLIA-certified lab for moderately complex procedures including complete blood counts, urinalysis, rapid strep screens, urine colony counts, pregnancy tests and sexually transmitted infection testing. Additional, fee-based testing may be ordered through LabCorp (an independent lab service that provides tests that Health Services is not able to do on campus).
    • Evaluation of health risks
    • Health Promotion
    • Health Education

Health Services does not have an immunization program on campus. Clients who need immunizations are referred to the Calloway County Health Department for those immunizations that are considered standard by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The cost is minimal.

For the meningococcal vaccine, students are encouraged to talk with their primary care physician to discuss the pros and cons of receiving this vaccine. (See Health Clips - meningitis information.) Should a student wish to receive the meningococcal vaccine in Murray, they may call the Calloway County Health Department at 270.753.3381 to schedule an appointment. There is a charge for the meningitis vaccine. Other Health Departments in Kentucky and other states may also offer this immunization.


Our office is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our patients' information. Medical records are strictly confidential. No medical information is released without the clients written consent except as required by law.  Records will not be faxed, except for unusual circumstances, due to the potential for breaches in confidentiality.

Chronic Conditions

For those individuals who have long term or chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, depression, allergies (needing allergy injections) ADHD, etc. we encourage maintaining contact with your private health care provider for follow-up care and treatment. Or, you may choose to establish yourself with a local physician while you are at Murray State for the continuing care of long term conditions.


If you should develop such a condition, while at Murray State University, you will be referred to your private health care provider or to a local health care provider of your choice, for further evaluation, assessment, and treatment of the condition.


Most of the health care needs that you may require while on campus can be met at the Health Services.


For a complete listing of  Nurse Practioners and Physicians, physicians who administer allergy injections and dentists in the Murray area, you may click on any of the fields to get a .pdf document to print. You may also want to have this information for insurance purposes.

For complete information regarding Health Services and for health and wellness links please visit our Health Services home page on RacerNet.

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