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What to bring to college
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What to bring to college


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Words to the wise
Leave pets and valuables at home.

Contact your roommate beforehand if possible to avoid ending up with two of everything.  There are limits on the electrical items used in our residence halls.  Residents are restricted to one refrigerator and one microwave per room.  Refrigerators cannot exceed 4.6 cubic feet.  700 watt microwaves are recommended. 

Day wear: pants, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters
Outerwear: coat, hat, jacket, gloves, backpack, umbrella
Shoes: dress, casual, tennis shoes
Dressy/Special Occasions: Football Homecoming, Family Weekend, New Student Convocation, dances, church

Health Care Products
Vitamins, medication (get a copy of prescriptions), pain relievers, bandages, glasses/contacts (if applicable)

Personal Items
Toiletries, shampoo, soap, deodorant, curling iron/hot rollers/hair dryer, shaving gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shower bucket (if you will be living in a residential college with a community bath)

Laundry Items
Detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, iron, laundry bag or basket, rolls of quarters

Room Essentials
Clothes hangers, 2 sets of sheets, cleaning supplies, mattress pad, washcloths, pillow, pillow cases bedspread, blankets, alarm clock, towels, landline telephone, bathmat

Make sure you have insurance coverage on items of value (TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.)
Posters, TV, stereo, sports equipment, pictures from home, refrigerator (4.6 cubic feet max.), microwave (700 watts), carpet or area rug

Desk and School Supplies
Paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, tape, paper clips, calculator, etc. 

Cell phone with emergency numbers and contact information, stamps, extra set of car keys, proof of health insurance, proof of car insurance, extra checks, social security card or birth certificate if planning to work on campus

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