Housing Forms

Residential College Contract - Please click on the link provided to review the contract prior to arriving to campus.  

Cancel Your Housing Application for Fall 2015 or Transfer Your Housing Deposit to Spring 2016

Residential College Cancellation/Transfer Deposit Form

Please note that freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus.  Students are encouraged to review the conditions for cancelling their housing application to determine eligibility.

To receive a refund, minus any fees owed to Murray State University, cancellations must submitted by June 1, 2015.  Please note that refunds are disseminated by the Bursar's Office. 

For those students transferring their housing deposit to the spring semester, their deposit will NOT be processed for refund at this time. The deposit will remain active and be applied to the spring semester.

College Courts Cancellation Form

Cancellation of an apartment requires 30 days notice.  To receive a refund, minus any fees owed to Murray State University, cancellations must be submitted by June 1 for fall semesters and December 15 for spring semesters.


Summer School Housing Application - White Hall (subject to change) will be used as our summer school housing facility for the 2015 Summer Terms.  Residents staying on campus for summer school MUST be enrolled in summer classes.  If you do NOT currently live on-campus and you are ONLY staying on-campus for the summer you are still required to pay a $150 housing deposit. Please contact our office for payment options and refund information.


Request a Change to Your On-Campus Housing Assignment!

Please note, completing and submitting a room change request form does not automatically guarantee the request will be granted. Requests are granted ONLY if space is available.  Residents requesting a change will receive an email (sent to their Murray State email account) with information regarding the status of their request as soon as possible.  Please note:  All specific roommate requests must be mutual (i.e. if two students would like to request each other as roommates, we must receive two individual requests, one from each student).

In-College Move Request

For residents wishing to change rooms and/or roommates within their current college.   All individuals involved MUST currently reside in the same college.

College to College Move Request

For individuals wishing to be reassigned to another college.

Also, for individuals wanting to remain in their present college, but requesting to room with someone currently living in another facility.  Individuals interested in College Courts please contact the Housing Office.

Private Room Request

Request for a private room may be submitted for any of our residence halls; however, private rooms are only granted as space permits.  A private room is $1,040 more (per semester) than the double room rate.


Request for Housing Reasonable Accommodation Form

Form includes instructions for proper completion and submission.  Please note that supporting medical documentation may be required.


Housing Exemption Forms

On-Campus Housing Exemption Application

Required for freshmen or sophomores wishing to commute daily from their parents' home (within a 50 mile radius of the University).  The On-Campus Housing Exemption Application must be submitted ALONG with the Housing Exemption Agreement of Understanding Form and the Notary Form.  All appropriate forms must be submitted to the MSU Housing Office through fax, mail, or in person.Housing Exemption Agreement of Understanding  - Must be completed by the student requesting the exemption.

Notary Form - Must be signed by the parent in the presence of a notary.  Notaries are available in the MSU Housing Office.

Please visit our Housing Exemptions page for more information on additional reasons for requesting an exemption.


Faculty and Staff Housing Discount

Faculty and Staff Housing Discount Letter

Murray State University faculty and staff are eligible to receive a $100 discount (offer available each semester - excluding summer terms) on their son/daughter's residential college room rent.   


Housing and Residence Life Brochure

MSU Housing Viewbook - Download our viewbook for a general overview of on-campus living.


Residential College Floor Plan Brochure
For room dimensions and featured room amenities please download our Residential College Floor Plan Brochure


National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Do you consider yourself as one of the top 1% of Residential College Leaders?  If so, apply today for membership in Murray State's National Residence Hall Honorary.

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