Housing Rates

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Housing Rates

Residential College rates - prices are per semester

Residential college Double room Double as a private room Designed private room
Springer II Hall $2,457 $3,650 Not available
Original Richmond Hall $2,457 $3,650 Not available
Hart Hall  $2,702 $3,892 Not available
Regents Hall  $2,702 $3,892 Not available
White Hall  $2,702  $3,892 Not available
Elizabeth Hall  $2,948 $4,136 Not available 
Hester Hall  $2,948  $4,136 Not available 
Lee Clark Hall  $3,377  $4,561  $3,801
James H. Richmond Hall Offline  Offline  Offline
HC Franklin Hall $3,377 $4,561 $3,801

For the 2018-2019 academic year, we are offering private rooms in Original Richmond, Regents, Springer II, and White from the beginning of the semester.  If a student wants to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact the Housing Office.

Private rooms in other buildings may be available as space permits.

College Courts Apartments

college courts rates

Apartment style Cost per month
1 Bedroom Apartment $477
2 Bedroom Apartment $579