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Student Spotlights - November / December 2016

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Cassidy Spencer (9th Floor RA)

 Why did you choose Murray State?
I chose Murray State for a lot of reasons. I went to the program Commonwealth Honors Academy, and I loved the small town feel of Murray. I also really liked the Residential College system and the community feeling associated with that. 

What organizations are you involved in?
I’m in my first semester as an RA, and I am also on the Executive Board for Student Ambassadors. In LIZO, I wear many hats. I am the President of LZO, as well as the OTM Writer, Editor-in-chief of the AERIE, Director of Marketing and Publications, and Secretary of the Madrigal Committee. I am also on the academic team and am a member of the Honors Society and Diversity Council. Outside of LIZO, I am a member of KEA, Best Buddies, am a Summer O Counselor and a Second and Third Grade Sunday School Teacher.

What is your favorite thing about LIZO?
There are so many things… but I guess it would be the people and their uplifting, welcoming attitudes.

 Why did you choose to become an RA?
I wanted to make a positive impact in the college and in residents’ lives. I saw being an RA as an opportunity to grow as a leader and help LIZO residents like the RAs that changed my college career did.

 Any advice?
Get involved, stay positive, and take college life one day at a time.

Sam Mackbach (6th Floor RA)

Why did you choose Murray State?
Well, I was from Connecticut, and I applied to several other schools besides Murray. I did have a friend that came to Murray for the Vet Tech program and she loved it, so I applied and came to visit. When I visited, I felt safe from the start and just knew that Murray State was going to be my home.

How long have you been at MSU, and how long have you lived in LIZO?
I’ve been here since 2013, and I have lived in LIZO for my entire time here – 713 for life!

What is your favorite thing about LIZO?
It’s changed a lot since my Freshman year – but my freshman year it was so vibrant and full of life and I loved my RA Mara. I just loved the people in leadership, and met one of my good friends there. It really is the people that make LIZO.

Why did you choose to become an RA?
Well, Mara was a really big influence on me. I was really homesick my Freshman year and she dragged me out to events and programs and that’s how I really got to know everyone here. I just really appreciated the impact that all the RAs had on my life, and I wanted to have that impact on people as well. I wanted to be that person that makes Murray State feel like home.

Any advice for someone that might want to be an RA?
Talk to your RA because there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. If you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and apply and interview and do all of that. If you do get the job, just go with your gut feeling!

 Zach East (4th Floor RA)

Why did you choose Murray State?
I really love the community feeling that Murray State is known for. I also love the education program here, and love that it is close to home and yet far enough away to not be “living at home.”

What organizations are you involved in?
In LIZO, I am the webmaster, Vice President of LZO, and Treasurer of the Honors Society. I am also a member of the Honors College and am a Student Ambassador for the university.

What is your favorite thing about LIZO?
Honestly, it would have to be the people. LIZO definitely has an awesome community, and that is what makes us so great. Without the awesome people we have, Elizabeth College would just be a building full of rooms with no life. (Also, LIZO has a great group of staff members who truly care for their residents).

Why did you choose to become an RA?
Honestly, being an RA hadn’t ever been on my radar before last semester. I’m an introvert by nature and honestly just keep to myself most of the time. Several of the RAs really encouraged me to apply, and when the position came open I chose to go for it. Now that I am in the job, I can truly say that I love it! It’s been awesome getting to know all of the amazing residents we have here in LIZO, and they have truly brought me out of my shell.

Any advice?
GET INVOLVED! It is super easy to just sit in your room and watch Netflix all day (been there, done that). But, life is honestly so much greater when you leave your room and get involved. Even if you don’t choose to be involved in LIZO, find SOMEWHERE to plug in and meet people – I promise you won’t regret it!!

Lizo RCC
Annual Events

Meet Your RCC Cookout

At the beginning of the Fall semester, during Great Beginnings, Elizabeth College students get the chance to meet up with residential college leaders and enjoy some delicious food, grilled up by Residential College Council members. Vegetarian options are available. Watch your Great Beginnings Schedule for date and time.

Home Away From Home Week

Unique to Elizabeth College, this event is designed to help new and returning students feel like the College is their second home. The week is filled with game nights, recreational events, free food, movies, and more. The event is traditionally held the second week of the semester. Watch for postings on Elizabeth social media, around Elizabeth Hall, or your student email  for more information.

Charitable Date Auction

Each year co-ed service fraternity of Elizabeth College Lambda Zeta Omicron teams up with the Residential College Council to bring the charitable date auction. Members of the College leadership team are auctioned off for a spaghetti dinner. The following week, the College hosts the date for all the winners, who are treated to a spaghetti dinner within the lobby of the hall. Proceeds go toward LZO's annually chosen philanthropy.

Progressive Dinner

This program promotes collaboration among the floors and engages many of the international students in the Murray State community. Each floor is designated with a type of food to bring in a potluck style meal. Residents sharing a floor can cook their dishes together in the lobby kitchen! While there are often several domestic dishes, many international students create dishes from their home country.

End -of-the-Year Banquet

This program celebrates all of the accomplishments of Elizabeth College. Traditionally, a specified amount of students can sign up for free on a first come, first serve basis. At this reception, students are awarded their annual superlatives (Best Funky Monkeys, Most Studious, etc.), the incoming RCC and Honors Society members are recognized, and the Athletic Directors and LZO give out awards. The program includes reflections from the College Head and Residence Director.

Faculty Dessert Reception

This new event, started in 2016, is designed to connect students with the Elizabeth College faculty members. 

Intercultural Exchange Program Events

Intercultural Student Events



Our Mission

Elizabeth College strives to create relationships, to encourage, engage, and enhance the residents, commuters, faculty, and staff members of Elizabeth College. Through care, we seek leadership principles and communication strategies that are applied by each individual as frequently as possible. Students will learn that the college atmosphere is positive, respectful, and creates value while retaining and educating the members within.

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