International Students

White College is providing more opportunities for our international student members, so they may feel more at home. These are also opportunities to introduce more cultural diversity to our members as a whole. After all, this is your world to explore!


This page is currently under construction; White will be hosting several international events and there will be more updated soon!


Off to the Races! White visits the Memphis International Raceway!

On September 8, 2012, a group of 17 White College Residents and 3 faculty members were sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment, and travelled to the Memphis International Raceway in Millingon, TN to watch the drag races. Many of the students had never had the experience of watching cars and motorcycles topping out at speeds over than 200 mph. The day began with a warm greeting from the executive vice president of Summit Racing Equipment and a walk out onto the track to the Christmas tree at the starting line for some group photographs. The group then proceeded to head to the pits where they learned the ins and outs of a pro mod dragster.  After exploring the various pits for the cars and motorcycles, the students sat down and watched the races. Many students said it was something that they would not forget.



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