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Here is a video introduction to what happens at CHA.

What if the student does not plan to attend Murray State University? Can the student still apply?

Absolutely! Students who attend CHA are under no obligation to attend Murray State University. They still will get to participate in every aspect of the Academy, and they can transfer the received college-level credit to the school of their choice.


What is the PLAN, PSAT, or SAT equivalent of a 25 ACT score.

Equivalencies vary, but generally a 25 ACT score is between the 82nd and 85th percentile of all scores. Therefore, students scoring in the 80th percentile or above of a PLAN, PSAT, or SAT test are encouraged to apply.


What if the student has slightly lower than 25 on the ACT, or a slightly lower GPA than 3.5? Should the student still apply?

Yes, if the difference is negligible. Students who fully meet all the criteria will be given preference in the selection procedure, but students who have a slightly lower GPA or ACT score may still be considered.

Can my school link to your site to give students more information?

Yes! Download our logo and link to http://www.murraystate.edu/cha


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