Academic Policies
Considers and makes recommendations to the senate to enable the senate to carry out its responsibility for initiating and/or reviewing policies relating to university academic matters, considers and makes recommendations to the senate on matters which have a bearing on academic excellence.


Marjorie Hilton (Interim Chair)

Rob Donnelly

Matthew Gianforte

Aleck Leedy

Chris Lavery

Ken Sutrick

Sung-ho Hong

Serves as the agenda committee for the senate, a nominating committee for senate officers and representatives, and an advisory board to the president of the senate.


Joe DeBella

Katherine Farmer

Justin Walsh

Barbie Papajeski

Melony Shemberger

Marjorie Hilton

David Roach

Thomas Pharis

Kevin Binfield

Marty Jacobs (ex-officio)


Considers and makes recommendations to the senate on budgetary matters concerning fiscal resources and the financing of university programs.


David Roach (Chair)

Corky Broughton

Randy Wilson

Tommy Stambaugh

Seid Hassan

Shri Singh

Eric Umstead

Bobbie Greer

Marty Jacobs (ex-officio)


Governmental Affairs
Keeps the senate informed of the actions and proposals of legislative, administrative, and other agencies (public and private), which might affect aspects of university programs and governance for which the senate has responsibility; serves as an advisory board to the COSFL representatives; bears primary responsibility for developing and conducting programs advocating the advancement of faculty and university interests with publics external to the university.


Thomas Pharis (Chair)

Nancy Armstrong

Maria Brown

Bommanna Loganathan

Bellarmine Ezumah

Drew Seib

Jie Wu


Handbook and Personnel
Considers and makes recommendations to the senate on policies relating to the rights and responsibilities of faculty members incident to their employment by the university, considers and makes recommendations to the senate on changes and/or additions to the Faculty Handbook.


Kevin Binfield (Chair)

Melony Shemberger

Barbie Papajeski

Amelia Dodd

Kathy Smith

Tim Worley

Terry Derting

Gary Atkerson


Rules, Elections, and Bylaws
Prepares senate electoral rolls, conducts all elections for which the senate is responsible, makes recommendations for changes in the senate constitution and/or bylaws.


Katherine Farmer (Chair)

Daniel Hepworth

Justin Walsh

Brian Hoover

Traci Byrd

Karen Coulter