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Job Titles & Descriptions - Exempt
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Job Titles & Descriptions - Exempt

Job Titles & Job Descriptions for all exempt (paid monthly) faculty & staff are listed below.
This and the accompanying non-exempt web page are Murray State’s central repository for job titles and job descriptions.  After September 1, 2012, all faculty and staff members must have a job title and job description on this or the non-exempt web page, with the following exceptions:

  • Faculty members – For faculty who hold an administrative role, their rank will not appear on their administrative role’s job title.  It will appear, however, in other places, such as contracts.  Job descriptions for Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Instructor are being written and are not listed below.
  •  30-Character Titles – Banner only has space for 30 characters in a job title.  Listed below are the full (not shortened) versions of the titles.  Titles with 30 characters will appear on contracts and PeopleFinder.

This list of job titles will be the university’s “Official” list of job titles.
Information on how to write a job description is at this link

A blank template for Exempt Job Descriptions can be found at this link..

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Job Descriptions for Exempt Employees

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