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Purpose and Charge

  1. To provide advice, counsel and assistance to the President in the formation of a campus-wide plan for increasing sustainability taking into account the mission of the institution and the return on investment, whether it be fiscal or reputational, and assisting with subsequent implementation.
  2. Identify major needs and topics of concern from various constituency groups engaged in campus sustainability efforts.
  3. Assess, support and assist with further development of the annual Sustainability Conference held on campus. 
  4. Propose policies, programs, practices and other responses to address identified needs and concerns and monitor implementation following adoption.
  5. Promote and sustain strategic focus on issues of sustainability within the University community while collaborating with campus organization with related goals and objectives.


Dr. Paul Walker*, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Philosophy
Mr. Jacob Hildebrant, Lecturer, Institute of Engineering
Dr. Mike Kemp, Professor, Institute of Engineering
Dr. Everett Weber, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Claire Fuller, Chair/Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Howard Whiteman, Professor/Director of the Watershed Studies Institute
Dr. Paul Lucko, Associate Professor, Department of Community Leadership and Human Services
Dr. Iin Handayani, Associate Professor, Hutson School of Agriculture - Agricultural  Sciences
Dr. Paula Amols, Director, Dining and Racer Hospitality Services
Mr. O. L. Robertson, Interim Head of Animal Equine Science/Lecturer, Hutson School of Agriculture - Agricultural  Sciences
Mr. Kevin Perry, Assistant Professor, Institute of Engineering
Mike Gowen, Lecturer, Department of Community Leadership and Human Services
Mr. Michael Dunnavant, Director, Building and Grounds Maintenance
Dr. Therese St. Paul, Associate Professor, Modern Languages
Ms. Allison Crawford, MESS
Mr. Dominic Maritt, MESS
To be appointed, MESS
Mr. Robert Long-Mendez, Building Services Team Leader II, Building Services

*designates Chair

Additional Resources

MSU recycling| Murray Environmental Student Society | 

Murray State University seeks to attain and maintain a place of leadership in all that we do. This includes leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability on campus and in the larger community of which we are a part.

We are committed to examining the actual and potential environmental impacts associated with our activities and services in order to continually improve environmental performance.

This website is a clearinghouse for news and information about our efforts toward exemplary environmental stewardship.





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