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Academic Affairs Forms

Teaching/Research Forms

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  • Schedule Correction (fall and spring)

  • Multi-Class Schedule Correction

  • CEAO Schedule Correction

  • Textbook Order Form (Single)

  • Textbook Order Form (Multiple)

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee - Research Protocol Application

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee - Teaching Protocol Application

  • Adjunct Faculty Teaching Evaluation Form

Faculty Forms

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  • Application for Faculty Leave

  • Faculty Credential

  • Faculty/Professional Staff Employment Data Sheet

  • Promotion Packet Forms

  • Recommendation for Graduate Faculty Appointment

  • Tenure Packet Forms

Honors Day Forms

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  • University-Wide Honor Society Awards

  • Collegiate/Departmental Awards

  • Departmental Honor Society Awards

  • Residential College Awards

  • Student Affairs Awards

General Academic Affairs Forms

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  • Academic Change Form

  • Proposal for Revisions of Faculty Handbook

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